“The Coalition of the Unwilling”

“The Coalition of the Unwilling”


The EU’s “Emissions Trading Scheme” (ETS) is one of a number of measures adopted by the EU to “fight climate change”. It is part of a massive, complex array of confusing and overlapping green initiatives which have piled cost, complexity and bureaucracy onto European industries, and have spawned a new army of lobbyists.  It is rapidly making the EU a profoundly expensive and unattractive place in which to invest and to operate.

The plan was to “lead the world” in green policies, but oddly enough the world doesn’t seem to be following.  So the EU has decided unilaterally to impose its ETS, not only on EU airlines, but on all airlines flying into the EU.  Arguably this is an illegal violation of the Chicago convention.  China certainly thinks so, along with a list of other countries, including the USA, the BRICS, Japan, Korea and so on.  Most of the world, in fact.

Now these countries have formed what is being called “The Coalition of the Unwilling” to fight this unilateral move from Europe.  I am delighted that they are doing so, and I have accordingly written to the Chinese Ambassador, copies to the other Ambassadors, congratulating them on their firm stance.

Dear Mr. Ambassador

Application of the EU’s ETS to airlines

I write to congratulate you on your country’s clear and principled opposition to the European Union’s quite unjustified and divisive attempt to impose its Emissions Trading Scheme charges unilaterally on the airlines of other nations, including China.  I extend my congratulations also to those other countries, including the USA, Japan, Russia, India and Brazil which have allied themselves to China’s position in what is being aptly called “A Coalition of the Unwilling”.

The EU has taken an aggressive approach to emissions reduction with the aim of “leading the world” on green policies.  But the rest of the world seems disinclined to follow the EU’s lead, so it is seeking to impose these measures unilaterally.  I am also very concerned by calls in the EU institutions for “green import duties” on products deemed to have been manufactured to inadequate environmental standards.

The EU’s policies are disastrous in economic terms, and increasingly difficult to justify in environmental terms either.  If the EU had set out to deter investment, and to drive industry and jobs out of Europe altogether, it could hardly have done better.

China’s decision to take a tough line on this issue is right not only for China and those countries associated with your initiative: it is also salutary for the EU itself, which may now have the opportunity to pause and reflect, and to reconsider its rash and foolhardy plans.

I have no doubt at all that your clear and principled stand will in the medium term benefit Europe; that it will benefit my own country the UK; and that it will benefit the constituents whom I, as a Member of the European parliament, represent.  I thank you for it, and I urge you to continue to take a firm and robust line on the issue.





Copies to the Ambassadors of the USA; Japan; Russia; Brazil; India; Korea; Saudi Arabia; South Africa

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8 Responses to “The Coalition of the Unwilling”

  1. Gary Rickard says:

    Don’t you dare retire from politics

  2. Simon says:

    From David Cameron’s reply to the wind farms letter from 100+ MPs instigated by Chris Heaton-Harris, I suspect DC truly believes in the EU ETS, and most likely Ed Daves too, and will do all he can to see it implemented. But like the Greek default, it must be a matter of when, not if he and the EU realise it’s a no-goer, and it gets canned with some suitably woolly reason why they’ve changed their minds (probably claiming it’s served its purpose, so was successful). Perhaps that’s the day Cameron leaves office.

    • Axel says:

      I am sure that Sir Reginald Sheffield is very grateful that Son-in-Law, David Cameron’s “truly believes” in such things, as he also “truly believes” that windfarms are a good thing and will help reduce emissions of CO2 even further. Merely coincidental is the fact that Sir Reginald gains thousands of pounds per week, as a result of his Son-in-Law’s “beliefs”.

      No doubt it is just another coincidence that Depute Prime Minister, Nick Clegg’s own spouse is also on the board of the same Spanish Windmill company, that was awarded offshore contracts, for which Lib-Dem Ministers are responsible for recommending or approving.

  3. Mike Spilligan says:

    I really cannot understand Cameron. He jumps on bandwagons by lottery number – no thought for the future at all. This one will certainly fail and it would do him some good to be on the “winning” side now, not to go over when he has to.
    It’s the same with the EU – now destined to fail after the euro debacle – and like a clever general in a civil war he should be going over to the other side now, not trailing after the others (northern Eurpoeans?) who are probably planning their strategies as I write.
    Well done with the letter, by the way – and keep bu****ing on.

  4. James A. Hutchinson says:

    Well done Roger and well said Gary Rickhard ; don’t think of retiring from politics .
    As I have written on previous occassions , I truly believe that Cameron is a LibDem at heart ~ he certainly follows more of their principles than Conservative ones .
    All leaders of the various factions of the EU , and British politicians , should be made to read James Delingpoles book ; ” Watermelons: How Environmentalists Are Killing The Planet , Destroying The Economy And Stealing Your Children’s Future ( Published by Biteback ~ £14.99 ). As this author states , the sun ( that great golden orb in the sky ) is responsible for all the meteorological changes that happen that happen on our planet . Data released by the Met . Office , based on readings from 30,000 measuring stations , confirms that there has been NO global warming for 15 years ! As sunspot activity is at a low ebb , forget global warming and concentrate on how to cope with another mini – ice age which appears to be on the horizon . Get a grip and build nuclear and thorium power stations before we all FREEZE to death !

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