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They’re burning the EU flag on the streets of Athens

  I must confess to a certain wry amusement on seeing photos of the EU’s wretched “Crown of Thorns” flag on fire in the streets of Athens.  But the underlying problems leading to the flag-burning are no laughing matter, and … Continue reading

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A Lib-Dem in La-La-Land

In Flecker’s magnificent poem “The Gates of Damascus”, he writes “Thou hast not many miles to tread/Nor other foes than fleas to dread/Homs shall behold thy morning meal/And Hama see the safe in bed”.  See the poem here (and spot … Continue reading

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How Cameron could shoot UKIP’s fox

… and why he probably won’t There is a rift in the Conservative Party.  A fissure.  A gully.  A chasm.  A canyon.  A gap so wide it potentially represents an existential threat to the Party, and perhaps justifies radical action. … Continue reading

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Huhne: ideology before rationality

You’re probably sick to death of reading about Chris Huhne, but bear with me: this may be a new angle. It was self-indulgent of me to Tweet “Hurrah for Huhne’s departure!” yesterday, but I just couldn’t resist.  We see again … Continue reading

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Germany’s Unfair Advantage

…and why Germany is a bit like China A couple of days back, the Telegraph’s excellent economic columnist Ambrose Evans Pritchard ran a piece entitled “German jobs miracle as Latin unemployment soars”. And indeed we face an extraordinary situation where … Continue reading

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The De-Industrialisation of Europe

We might as well hang up a sign in the airports: “Closed for Business”.  While EU leaders pontificate about prioritising growth and jobs, we have climate mitigation policies in place that massively raise energy costs and force industries, companies, jobs … Continue reading

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There’s gold in them thar hills!

Recently I accompanied a delegation of the European parliament’s Petitions Committee to Romania, to look inter alia at a proposed gold mining project at Rosia Montana.    There are environmental concerns about the extraction of gold, a process which uses … Continue reading

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