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A Brilliant Brussels Idea!

At last, some really good news from the European Institutions!  They’re launching the “European Citizens’ Initiative”.  You’ll be able to set up a petition, and when you’ve collected the signatures, you can come to Brussels and present your idea or … Continue reading

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“Charter for Wind Farms” is a disaster for citizens

The Government’s new Planning Policy Framework Up and down the country, groups of concerned citizens have formed protest groups, worked for many months to raise funds, hired specialist advice and lawyers, fought wind farm planning applications, and won, and opened the … Continue reading

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An aero-space evening

On  Tuesday I attended an event organised by the aero-space group in the parliament, for a presentation on the EU’s “CleanSky” project.  This is a large-scale project to develop “cleaner” aviation, and the main thrust of the evening seemed to … Continue reading

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East Midlands shale gas: a great opportunity

I’m very pleased with the news that potentially commercial volumes of shale gas (natural gas extracted from shale deposits) have been identified around Melton Mowbray in the East Midlands region.    As the UKIP spokesman on Industry & Energy, I recall the … Continue reading

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The lefties are over-egging the “Granny Tax”

A recent UKIP press release contrasted the withdrawal of the pensioner’s tax allowance, which may increase the Treasury’s revenue by up to £3.5 billion, with the shocking increase of £1.8 billion to the UK’s EU contributions since last November. And … Continue reading

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EU gives coal the cold-shoulder

In a remarkable meeting in Brussels on Wednesday, the Coal Industry appealed for fair and decent treatment from the EU, and went away empty-handed. The event was the 16th Round Table on Coal, intended to allow a dialogue between legislators … Continue reading

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The De-industrialisation of Europe

  Last night we MEPs had an opportunity for what’s called “an exchange of views” with German Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger.  He set out to describe his “Energy Road-Map to 2050”.  This was nothing less than his plan for the … Continue reading

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