Joining the EDF

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10 Responses to Joining the EDF

  1. fenbeagleblog says:

    I guess this means I’m voting for Ukip now then. Don’t forget Beagles along the way.

    • Andrew Shakespeare says:

      I trod that Damascus road some time ago after flirting with the idea for years, but hoping against hope that Cast-iron Dave might actually provide some evidence of being a Tory. I can’t say that there was a specific event that finally destroyed my faith. I just sort of woke up one morning and realised that I’d completely given up, couldn’t be bothered listening to a work Cameron had to word, and wouldn’t believe it if I did.

      Nigel Farage, on the other hand — how can you not like a man who stands up in the middle of the European Parliament and compares that absurd little goblin to a damp rag? C’mon, the man deserves a standing ovation for that alone!

      I felt a little treacherous that I was leaving behind the likes of Roger Helmer, who has been something of a hero of mine for some time. But now I feel validated.

      Personally, I don’t understand how anybody who cares about Europe can support the Conservative party any more. People like John Redwood like to claim that it remains the best hope for change — well, if that’s our best hope, may God have mercy on us all! As Roger points out, what progress has “the best hope” actually made?

      • Phil H says:

        I completely agree. I understand what Redwood is trying to say however the Conseravtive Party under its current leadership are basically another variation of a centre-left Europhile party. Nothing will change under Cameron so the likes of Carswell, Redwood etc have two choices. Launch a coup d’etat and remove him or defect to UKIP and really stir things up.

  2. Hugh Davis says:

    Well done Roger!

    When is young Hannan going to follow your lead?

    P.S. Regarding your remarks on the gulf that exists between the Tory hierarchy and the natural Conservative voter, there’s an excellent blog by Delingpole at the Telegraph today on the total lack of empathy between ultra rich social democrats Cameron & Osborne and the financially stretched middle classes on whose support they supposedly depend. See –

    • Gary Rickard says:

      Hannan should be the next big name to join the fold. I suspect, however, that he has a cunning plan and I have no idea what it is except that, sadly, it seems to involve staying in the (not really) Conservative Party. He’s certainly making a name for himself and in terms of oratory, he’s the heir to Winston.

  3. Nick says:

    I came across this updated piece of Peter Simple-style satire the other day. Though it might amuse you:

  4. Andrew Shakespeare says:

    Some of those questions had a rather odd phraseology, almost as though they’d been translated. Who made the video?

  5. OGGA1. says:

    Welcome Roger,
    as i have posted before there is no such animal as a euro sceptic, you either agree in your partie’s beliefs and fully support them,or you disagree and leave for pasture new.
    Good choice Roger

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