Sayeeda Warsi “monstered” by Tory MPs

The Evening Standard reports that at the Wednesday 1922 Committee, Conservative Party chairman Warsi was “monstered” by Tory MPs over the resignation saga.

Members from the East Midlands were prominent in the attack. Chris Heaton-Harris, Brian Binley, Sir Peter Tapsell, Nicky Morgan and Philip Hollobone all clearly recognize that the problem was an own goal by Warsi. It was an entirely fabricated problem.

A Conservative spokesman said: ‘The chairman acted quite correctly. We couldn’t select a candidate until there was a vacancy.’ This yet again demonstrated the pig headed ignorance of the chairman. They did not need to select a candidate.

The candidate was selected by 3000 plus Conservative Party members in the East Midlands in 2008, and their choice was endorsed by the voters in the 2009 Euro elections. That list stands until the next Euro elections in 2014. The next-in-line is already chosen and his name is Rupert Matthews.

The Party has lost a Conservative MEP and the 22 Committee clearly recognises that responsibility lies with the Party Chairman. She doesn’t understand the party and she doesn’t understand the Euro elections system. She should go.

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15 Responses to Sayeeda Warsi “monstered” by Tory MPs

  1. So you threw yours toys out of the pram & paid the Tories by hypocritically defecting to another party. Now you have no mandate to be one of the East Midlands’ MEPs. You should do something honourable & resign so that we can have democracy in our region.

    • Paul H says:

      Or maybe it is the Tories that have “defected” by not sticking to their pre-power promises regarding the EU, on which basis Mr Helmer was elected. They should do the honourable thing and keep their promises.

    • Will Grace says:

      Thats rubbish, i live in the East Midlands and am quite happy with this. Shows there is still some integrity in politics. The Tories and Liberal democrates used underhand wordplay to back down on pre-election promises regarding the EU and this has sapped much confidence in the democratic system. Thanks god we have some decent politicians who do what they are voted to do rather than what the liers tell them

  2. Gary Rickard says:

    Warsi was never elected but was installed. A cynic might suggest that the treasure trove of political correctness points that came from a choosing a muslim women from a Pakistani family made her an obvious choice for party chairman. Her career as a failed politician certainly didn’t.

    A product of selection and quotas over suitability and democracy. She no doubt sees little wrong with parachuting chosen people into seats and positions before the voters choice whenever it can be done.

    Well, Madam, you’ve been rumbled.

    • hurunui9414 says:

      Elected, is not a concept she clearly understands having being a product of selection. Could you really expect anything else from a failed politician. If appeasement to minorities continues to be the flavour of the day, why not parachute in really obscure candidate.

  3. Malcolm Edward says:

    Quite so.

    Of course the conservative leadership could have intervened to tell Warsi the error of her anti-democratic ways – but it didn’t.

  4. Maureen Gannon says:

    And may she take the rest of the nobrainers with her.

  5. “She should go” Why? She’s doing a grand job. She might even get a few more Conservatives to wake up and join you in UKIP

  6. Maureen Gannon says:

    That was a brilliant answer Peter, still smiling ..

  7. Phil H says:

    Would she be Chairman of the party if she wasnt a muslim female. Answer not a snowballs chance in hell!
    Typical of Cameron and his P.C agenda. In the eyes of a vacuous PR man with no principles then substance comes an awful long way down the list when selecting anyone.

  8. Sarah says:

    That’s what you get with women shortlists and PC over-promoted females.

    But why this party!

  9. Roger, put it all behind you. You won;t get anywhere if you just remain angry and trying to justify yourself.
    Now you are in a crucial position. We have got to leave the EU completely as soon as we can. It is about to turn into something the left do so very well – lawless dictatorship based on strong and legal police force.
    If you can help with that mammoth task, then you will have done your country a great service.
    Baroness Warsi is an annoying flea.
    Forget her.

  10. As you are no longer a member of our party, it’s none of your business how we select candidates. How does UKIP select its candidates? Do they wait for someone to throw their toys out of the pram and defect?

  11. Maureen Gannon says:

    arriver- Maybe had we got a conservative party noone would be leaving. Cameron is wetter than a limp lettuce leaf the country is being sold down the river on the alter of Europe for the sake of maintaining the condem government,
    Every Tory I know is disgusted and today I learn today that In the row over the EU’s attempts to extend its Emissions Trading Scheme to non-EU airlines, China has now suspended aircraft orders worth $12 billion with Airbus, the EU’s aircraft manufacturing company. Airbus estimates that 1000 jobs with the company, and another 1000 down the supply chain, are at risk. Airbus wings are built at Filton near Bristol, so this could cost UK jobs.
    And where is Call me Dave why where else but jet setting in America to save us from Iran and solve the problems of the middle east , someone in your party should remind him of his broken promises to the country that semi elected him at what should have been a landslide election, or is he a fith columnist on behalf of the labour party, after all he is a bLiar clone

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