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D-minus for economics, Cardinal

Prime Minister David Cameron is facing huge criticism on many fronts.  Never mind pasties and the Granny Tax.  He’s failing to deliver a growth strategy, or to adopt the revenue-neutral or low-cost measures that would boost the economy, like lower … Continue reading

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It’s frosty out there: the Plight of Expat Pensioners

The promise of blue skies, sandy beaches and the expat lifestyle is undeniably appealing — so much so that around 1.1 million British State Pensioners have chosen to spend their retirement years overseas. For many, the dream goes sour when … Continue reading

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Lies, damned lies, and “The Wind is Free”

No it’s not.  It’s very expensive indeed (or at least energy generated from wind is expensive — and intermittent).  It’s an existential threat to our economy and our energy security (see piece below).  So I couldn’t resist bringing home this … Continue reading

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“Sustainable energy” just isn’t …. well, sustainable

  I’ve just returned from a flying visit to Vaasa, Finland, with the European Energy Forum.  The delegation was led by Slovenian MEP Romana Jordan.  Vaasa boasts an “energy cluster” of cutting-edge companies in the energy field, and we spent … Continue reading

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A little family history

  I hope readers will bear with me for a little self-indulgent reminiscence.  Last year Sara and I went to Budleigh Salterton, in Devon, on holiday.  In the early fifties, my grandmother had a rented house there for several years.  Opposite the house, … Continue reading

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To a Conservative Branch Chairman

Since leaving the Conservative Party for UKIP, I have been astonished, and very gratified, to find that with a few exceptions the reaction from former Conservative colleagues was much more positive than I could have anticipated.  The great majority understood … Continue reading

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Cigarettes in Plain Packaging:

A double whammy for the Treasury (and the trade) I continue to be very angry at Andrew Lansley’s intrusive and prescriptive approach to cigarette packaging.  He says that he wants a consultation on the issue, but at the same time … Continue reading

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