The EU’s Future: Read it today

In my ignorance, I thought that the only literature to come out of Iceland was the Mediæval sagas in Old Norse.  But I was wrong.

Recently I received in the post a copy of “Vulture’s Lair” by Icelander Hallur Hallsson.  It carries a plug on the front cover from Dan Hannan, “The best book to come out of Iceland ….”.  It is published by my old mate Rupert Matthews at Bretwalda Books Ltd.  Find it on Amazon here.

In keeping with the 21st century, it’s also available for Kindle here.

The blurb describes it as “A gripping political thriller set in our tomorrow, when the EU has become a fully federal superstate”.  Not long to wait then.  It envisages a dystopian world where the EU’s Komizars have abandoned any pretence of democratic accountability.  (Again, not long to wait).  The European parliament still exists (that’s an unlikely note) but it has been moved to Berlin, which has become the de facto capital of The Great European State.

If you can get your head around the jaw-breaking Icelandic names, it really is a good read.  It is a sort of allegory of good and evil, where small group of individuals decide, in Churchill’s immortal phrase, that “up with this we will not put”, and against all the odds, manage to defy the system.

Take courage.  No tyranny lasts for ever.  After the night comes the first light of dawn.  An endorsement on the back cover of Vulture’s Lair describes the book as “A modern Orwell’s 1984”.  Not entirely misplaced.

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2 Responses to The EU’s Future: Read it today

  1. Techno says:

    Sounds exciting. I might get round to reading it if I ever have get a spare moment!

    The trope of the hardy rebels fighting against the odds against a powerful, tyrannical bureacracy is a good direction to go in because it taps into the plots of Hollywood films that many people have seen (eg. Star Wars). I have always found EU issues to be the most difficult to understand and that is how I make sense of it.

    I remember that TV documentary Tory! Tory! Tory! from a few years ago where the Freedom Association distributed the film envelope packs in the middle of the night, and Teresa Gorman says that they were a small bunch of rebels fighting for freedom. That got me interested in politics and I ended up becoming a member of the Freedom Association!

  2. Sean O'Hare says:

    Are you sure Rupert Matthews is your mate? He was reported as having made some very uncomplimentary remarks about your defection to UKIP.

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