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Wishful thinking, Brussels style

The Brussels institutions seem to have an unlimited capacity for self-delusion. We’ve had “subsidiarity”, which is supposed to mean devolving decision-making in the EU to the lowest possible level — while in reality the minutiae of our every-day lives are … Continue reading

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One sinner that repenteth

  Fritz Vahrenholt is a distinguished German politician (SPD) who gained a doctorate in chemistry in Münster, and started his professional career at the environmental protection agency in Berlin, and the Ministry of the Environment of Hesse.  He has spent … Continue reading

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Heartland Institute Climate Conference

At the Heartland Conference last week I had the pleasure of meeting Marita Noon, of the Citizens’ Alliance for Responsible Energy.  I had intended to do a general write-up of the Conference, but I see that Marita has already put … Continue reading

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Bless the Bride: former Staffer Sally McNamara marries

When I got into politics in 1998, my first ever staffer was Sally McNamara.  She’s also the Gold Standard by which subsequent staffers are rated.  A new politics graduate from Nottingham University, she joined our euro-candidate team ahead of the … Continue reading

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Scottish Independence

I’ve always been a big fan of Scotland.  I had the privilege of working in Asia for some years with United Distillers (now Diageo), and I became “Mr. Johnnie Walker” in Korea.  I’ve also had them pleasure of meeting Alex … Continue reading

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US Republicans fail to show Tory solidarity

Having spent a couple of days with the Heartland Institute in Chicago, I’ve been struck by the reaction to my recent move to UKIP.  These folk are not all card-carrying Republicans, but they mostly lean that way.  We’ve seen research … Continue reading

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President Klaus comes to Chicago

Yesterday evening we were privileged to have Czech President Vaclav Klaus as our keynote speaker at the Heartland Climate Conference at the Chicago Hilton.  The man is a star.  He is absolutely sound on my two main issues — the … Continue reading

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