Putting the bad word on Commissioner Tajani

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8 Responses to Putting the bad word on Commissioner Tajani

  1. leg says:

    Hannan’s taking a beating at his blog just recently, his views on DC’s premiership are deplored by all comments, why don’t you offer some free advice and let him know how it feel to have your wings unclipped, convince him to switch to UKIP, rather than be forced too as the Conservative will no doubt lose their pole position in the 2014 election.

  2. Whenever Dan Hannan speaks in the Parliament, nobody seems to be there. When you put in the bad word, then the place is full.
    Has he got bad breath or something?

  3. Simpler answer, I’m afraid. Hannan’s speeches are mostly in plenary. That’s like the HoC — members only go if it’s a big event, or if they’re speaking, so it’s 90% empty. My clip was in the Industry Committee (the fact that I’m sitting is the give-away) so it’s better attended.

    • Actually I am rather interested here.
      Are you saying that the major debates of the Chamber are badly attended? But the committees (which discuss the new decisions of the Commissioners) are usually full?
      It is shocking that someone as nerdy as me needs to ask stuff like this.

  4. Yep. Just so. Everyone goes to plenary to vote, but just as in Westminster, few go to plenary debates. They’re not in the pool or in the bar — just doing other stuff.

  5. Sorry to follow all this up. But let me add a rider to my original question:
    The Commissioners, and only they, initiate legislation. How much of what they initiate actually goest through the parliament though? Everything? Or are there sort of Statutory Instruments (as we have here) that by pass the whole procedure?

  6. Dear Roger,
    Yours is the only place where this sort of helpful answer can be found. I want to say that your customary politeness and consideration are not going to be wasted. I want to translate all this into lesson plans.

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