US Republicans fail to show Tory solidarity

Having spent a couple of days with the Heartland Institute in Chicago, I’ve been struck by the reaction to my recent move to UKIP.  These folk are not all card-carrying Republicans, but they mostly lean that way.  We’ve seen research at the Conference showing that climate gullibility goes hand-in-hand with left-wing attitudes, so it’s no surprise that climate sceptics tend to lean in a Republican direction.

I felt some trepidation, therefore, that they might react badly to my leaving the Conservatives.  I’ve been to several of these conferences, and the regulars know me quite well as a Tory.  But not a bit of it.  The reaction was overwhelmingly positive.  So it’s interesting to speculate on why this should be.

Of course Cameron did himself no favours on his recent visit to Washington when he cosied up to President Obama, and declined to see Republican front runner Mitt Romney.  Bad move.  But Cameron seems to have a recent penchant for backing losers, as with French President Nicholas Sarkozy.

I fear that Cameron is being seen in the US as just another European social democrat, naturally aligned to an arguably socialist US President.

The other possibility, of course, is that climate sceptics immediately warm to a party which openly supports their position.  We’ve sent two days listening to presentations from distinguished scientists, challenging the dogmas of the IPCC, and demonstrating that the obsession with CO2 is both misplaced and profoundly damaging.  They’re happy to hear from a party that agrees with their position, and fights for it in Britain and Brussels.  This view is reinforced by the hero’s welcome accorded to Lord (Christopher) Monckton, who had them on their feet with applause.

I guess it’s a bit of each.  It would be too early to say that UKIP would be a natural partner for the Republicans, but it’s starting to look a bit that way.

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7 Responses to US Republicans fail to show Tory solidarity

  1. machokong says:

    UKIP would be a natural ally of the Republicans if they didn’t insist on that airhead Romney representing them, the race isn’t over yet and Dr. Ron Paul is catching up, na matter what they say he is.

    It would have been nice to see some video of Monckton, I’ve not heard hide nor hair of him for a while now, but I know he’s very active and I enjoy his videos for his presentational style, as I already know much of what he’s going to say.

    Vote Ron Paul in 2012!

  2. Hafenplatz Wohnheim says:

    Come on roger you can do better than this. Surely there is a better way to articulate your views than throwing around ridiculous terms calling Barack Obama a socialist. Think you were watching too much fox news over there mate!

    You make put that this conference was cutting edge and full of great scientists. It wasn’t. It’s a conference run by a shrinking fringe institution which rejected scientific fact and has its pockets lines by big companies to do so. There were actually no leading scientists in climate research speaking at this conference, some astronauts and politicians but no one who bases their opinions on any sort of peer reviewed research and literature.

    And yes. The republicans would make a great match for ukip. Obstructive, dismissive of fact and reason. Sounds like 2 peas in a pod to me!

  3. neilfutureboy says:

    I think all those reasons are correct but another one may be that where the Tea Party reformers in the USA have been able to put up candidates in the primaries and thus have a genuine influence on their party’s direction, the Conservatives in Britain are not subject to their members wishes. Thus in America they are likely to get a Republican President (not a Tea partyist but he was the “right wing” contender 4 years ago so no Cameron).

    Americans who understand that within the Conservatives there is no role, except as cannon fodder, for those who believe in market freedom or doubt that the seas are rising will naturally understand your leaving.

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