Roger Helmer: Why are you calling for ‘more Europe’, Mr Verhofstadt?

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3 Responses to Roger Helmer: Why are you calling for ‘more Europe’, Mr Verhofstadt?

  1. Andrew Shakespeare says:

    And what of the will of the People, Mr Verhofstad (and Messrs Cameron and Obama)? What of the right to self-determination, which I never hear mentioned in this crisis?

    Beware, Gibraltarians and Falkland Islanders, when our leaders speak of your right to self determination.

  2. Oh dear.
    I was so reminded of the difference between the Northern and the Southern States in 1861……
    It could only be reconciled by a fight to the death.
    I honestly feel that we are walking into the same trap. Neither side seems to understand that the other is right! Mr Hofstadt is right because Europe has to be prevented from tearing itself apart again and it would be awfully nice if his dream of a continent at peace with itself and with all the trading barriers removed came to pass.
    You were completely right to see that it just ain’t going to happen.
    And we are rapidly approaching the time when tunnel vision takes over.

  3. Samuel says:

    I have to laugh, or I’d cry. There’s little point in working one’s self up at this point as the whole thing is clearly set to implode before the year’s out.

    I’m not a betting man but I would have stood to more than increase a tenner by some twenty fold if I had of predicted the 3-2 win for England today against Sweden, alas, I shall still not bet on the fall of Europe (no doubt as it will sink us with them) but will have a quiet celebration when it finally does tear itself apart, however unfashionable that may well look at the time.

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