In the EU, the Labour Market can’t fly

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1 Response to In the EU, the Labour Market can’t fly

  1. The last time you spoke you were made a laughing stock. This time there was nobody there to listen because the lady just behind you was writing on her laptop and not paying any attention.

    It must be heartbreaking.

    The other evening the new political correspondent of the BBC on Newsnight said that there might be a cabinet split over the EU. Jeremy Paxman shut her up immediately. It didn’t concur with the line that is now common sense: the EU must stick together at all costs. Including the Euro. Every evening it is pumped out like a chant at a student rally.

    Yesterday I went, worried, to see our financial guru at the bank. He is outstanding and has really done us proud by preserving our tiny little retirement pot. But he, too said “in the worst case scenario….” when he mentioned the break up of the EU.

    You see, you are right. They are wrong. Please, please say what you know to be right. Many of us out here are counting on you. And all of us know what it must be costing you.

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