De-industrialising Europe through global warming alarmism

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4 Responses to De-industrialising Europe through global warming alarmism

  1. Very well said indeed!
    The usual situation, though. Only faithful Nigel there to clap at the end after all that preparation too.
    Please do not give up. we need you to keep telling the truth to power.

  2. David W. says:

    In America, some mainstream media outlets are screaming about global warming/climate change because of the “unusual” heat we’re having in the middle of the summer. And those outlets are owned by companies that are and will profit at the behest of environmental legislation, and they’re interviewing other like-vested interests in the financial markets.

    What’s great is knowing there are multitudes of people naive, ignorant, and/or belligerent enough to still submit themselves to the Big Lie. Seems every generation swallows a horrible fraud.

    • Andrew Shakespeare says:

      Tell those mainstream media outlets to come spend a little time in Britain, to understand just how hot it is.

  3. Andrew Shakespeare says:

    Well said, Roger, as always.

    Too bad everybody will now break for a long, leisurely lunch, over which they will discuss anything except what you said. Maybe you should recast your speech; something along the lines of “Abandoning stupid energy policies designed to combat climate change will lead to European unity”. Then they’ll be all ears.

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