The euro is a bankruptcy machine!

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5 Responses to The euro is a bankruptcy machine!

  1. maureen gannon says:

    Roger We know all that but what is being done to let the average Brit know , I will tread where angels fear to tread We won the battle Germany has won the war without a bullet being fired , they have crucified the southern countries with the inflexability of the interest rates, I do not believe this was accidental , I have German friends who cried when the wall came down and they explained to me why, [they also lived through WW2] they said this is when our leaders will become the leaders of Hitlers Germany they [the leaders] still believe they are the master race, how true Hans words were. we have a euroforce a europolice ready to quell a countries dissent and the luftwaffe military band playing at the raising of the EU flag the flag that to many symbolises barb wire rather than stars, The question I would like you or someone else to ask Cameron is ” Why a YES / NO for Scotland but not for Europe?” no one ever does ask the right questions.

  2. Maureen: He’d be more likely to answer the question coming from you than coming from me! Did you notice that Nick Clegg wants Lords reform because it’s “wrong to have laws made in Britain by people who weren’t elected”. But OK to have them made in Brussels by people who weren’t elected!

    • maureen gannon says:

      Roger I would love to face him with the question ,no chance of that I have actually been disenfranchised by my MP for writing too many questions, he feels I should write to the ministers concerned , as he does not have the resources to reply to me, some chance of them answering questions that dont go through the MP, It seems I upset him when I asked why as PUBLIC SERVANTS they were not included in the austerity programme they were enforcing.

  3. Roger, here are the things you are up against:

    The Acquis communautaire.
    The idea that it ought to be the experts who rule, just as the experts ought to handle the economy.
    The ECB and Commission which control the rest of the EU machinery.
    And, above all, the idea that Europe must keep moving forwards into the future which means a single state with its own currency.

    I honestly do not think that many of the British people have an inkling of the sheer power and ignorant acceptance which these mad ideas have in Europe. Your being interviewed in one of the many sprawling EU Power Palaces came as a shock to me, I must admit. You aren’t going to change their minds!

    I am rapidly coming round to the UKIP point of view.

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