The evolution of a great man’s thinking

Fearless green campaigner George Monbiot.
Aka the Great Moonbat

I found the following quotations from green campaigner and Guardian columnist on the CCNet brief (thanks again to Benny Peiser).  I must say that my respect for George Monbiot has gone up a notch since his great nuclear conversion.  Unlike many, he saw the Fukushima incident not as confirmation of his anti-nuclear prejudices, but as evidence of the robustness and resilience of a rather old nuclear plant in the face of perhaps the most extreme physical catastrophe you could imagine.  So he now supports nuclear — albeit for the bad reason that he thinks in might help save the planet from CO2 and global warming, rather than for the more obvious reason that nuclear is proven, safe, reliable, clean, and (over the lifetime of a nuclear plant but including waste disposal and decommissioning) very economical.

That, at least, was his position last time I checked.  But as you’ll see, he’s a man whose views change rather a lot.

“If we leave it any longer, and no politician seems to be taking Peak Oil seriously, then we are going to see total economic collapse”. George Monbiot, The Third Estate, 24 September 2009   (Shades of Paul Ehrlich, some might think).

“Last week two whistleblowers from the International Energy Agency alleged that it has deliberately upgraded its estimate of the world’s oil supplies in order not to frighten the markets. If the whistleblowers are right, we should be stockpiling ammunition. If we are taken by surprise; if we have failed to replace oil before the supply peaks then crashes, the global economy is stuffed. It’s probably too late to prepare for peak oil, but we can at least try to salvage food production”.  George Monbiot, The Guardian 16 November 2009 

”Peak oil hasn’t happened, and it’s unlikely to happen for a very long time. So this is where we are.  …..  The problem we face is not that there is too little oil, but that there is too much”.  George Monbiot, The Guardian, 2 July 2012

So there you have it.  The new gospel according to Monbiot.  Our main problem is too much oil.  On a scale of problems from bad to worse, I’d say that too much oil is a pretty good problem to have.  I can live with that one.

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