ClimateGate Scandal: Maybe the Smoking Gun?

Hat-tip to the redoubtable Anthony Watts and his Wattsupwiththat website.   Climate sceptics, including David Holland and Stephen McIntyre, have been worrying the UEA/CRU ClimateGate issue like a Staffordshire Bull Terrier with a bone.  And they’ve established that as a first response to ClimateGate, a letter on the leaked e-mails was sent by the IPCC to all Working Group 4 Lead Authors and Review Editors.

Steve McKintyre has written this up in considerable detail. 

We do not have the letter.  And the IPCC is doggedly fighting to make sure we don’t get it.  So is it a smoking gun, proving that the UEA/CRU team and the lead authors on IPCC reports are deliberately conspiring to sell their prejudices rather than follow the evidence where it leads?  Until we get the letter, we can’t say.  Are the IPCC deliberately seeking to deny the public, the media, governments and the scientific community information about the process leading to the IPCC’s far-reaching conclusions?  You be the judge.  But it certainly looks that way.

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2 Responses to ClimateGate Scandal: Maybe the Smoking Gun?

  1. Ammonite says:

    I cannot be judge but this is a case of abiding by their own rules. We must hope for riddance of the shored-up IPCC for good.

  2. David H. Walker says:

    Considering the history of some of the crisis constructors, like Maurice Strong (a disgraced “leader” in the UN and the World Bank) and Kofi Annan, an intelligent observer will make the same conclusions. Yes, the UN is generally a body of ne’er-do-wells and self-absorbed’s who will NEVER recover their reputations working in their capacities.

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