A convocation of Big Cats

Sunday saw the annual National Day of the Jaguar Drivers’ Club.  It was staged at Rockingham Castle, near Kettering in Northamptonshire.  They were celebrating the 21st Anniversary of the XJ220.  And the 80th Anniversary of the SS1 and SS2.  Remember “SS” — Swallow Sidecars — the name Sir William Lyons had to drop when Herr Hitler adopted both the letters and the logo (pretty much) for an entirely different purpose?  I guess we should be grateful for small mercies — I’d rather be driving a Jaguar than a Swallow.  It was also the 50th Anniversary of the Daimler V8 saloons.

Those early Jaguar saloons were a triumph of elegance and sophistication.  And the XK150 was arguably the most beautiful sports car ever built, closely followed by the E-Type.  There was an extensive range of all these models, and others — Mark 2s, Mark 10s — on display.

Despite the odd shower, it was a great day for Jaguar enthusiasts.

I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Fermor, the editor of the Club’s Magazine, “Jaguar Driver”.  Interestingly, the mag has hosted a lively debate recently on the question of climate change.  Perhaps I’d better offer a contribution.

Jaguar remains a proud and iconic symbol of British engineering and design, and it was a pleasure to celebrate it.

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4 Responses to A convocation of Big Cats

  1. maureen gannon says:

    Another gem sold to asia and we send them aid excuse me if I cannot enthuse.

    • Maureen — don’t get carried away. Jaguar was on the point of bankruptcy. I was terrified by the idea of Tata getting it. I thought of the Malaysians and the Chinese with Lotus, Rover and MG. But Tata have done a fabulous job. They’ve turned it around as Ford were unable to do. They’ve provided sales and marketing clout in Asia. They’re investing in new models and new factories. Jaguar remains British designed and British built, employing thousands in the UK. It’s still an icon of British design and engineering, and I’m happy and proud to drive a Jaguar.

      • maureen gannon says:

        Point taken Roger. My frustration is that the workers and design engineers etc have been let down by the management and politicos, not just in Jaguar but companies such as Rolls Royce bastions of British quality now owned by the Germans , all getting rich on our backs , thats what as I said frustrates me.

  2. New Repeal the Act leaflet – now 4 leading thinks tanks support repeal of Climate Change Act Share an send a copy to your MP http://issuu.com/faykelly-tuncay/docs/repealtheact.org.uk/1

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