Veep pick Paul Ryan: A view from the States

Mitt Romney with Paul Ryan

American Joe Bono was a first-rate staffer for me in Brux for a couple of years.  Now back in the States, he’s working on the Romney campaign in Missouri.

When I heard that Mitt Romney had chosen Paul Ryan, a Congressman from Wisconsin, as his VP running mate, I have to say that I didn’t know a lot about Mr. Ryan.  So I turned to Joe for advice.  Here’s what he said:

In the morning hours of a Saturday in Virginia, aboard the USS Wisconsin, Mitt Romney has finally laid to rest the undeserved media narrative of him being indecisive and soft on serious policy issues. 

The Romney campaign had a half dozen well-qualified politicians to choose from for the VP slot, any of whom would have been a safe choice; all of whom would have campaigned for a return to American values and interests; all of whom would have seemed more qualified for the role than current VP Joseph R. Biden.  The Romney campaign could have selected Senator Bob Portman of Ohio – a popular official from a “must win” state.  They could have picked Governor Bob McDonald of Virginia (in fact, I was almost sure they had when the venue for the roll-out was announced) – also from a “must win” state and thought of as a rising star in the GOP.  Most people even had money on Senator Marco Rubio of Florida — a state of no electoral consequence (sarc. int.) and a favorite of the “Tea Party” Republicans. 

Instead, Romney decided to go with a 42 year old Congressman from Wisconsin.  Why?  The explanation is quite simple – Congressman Ryan encapsulates every Reaganesque quality needed for a party found scratching its head over what form it needed to take. 

Since the McCain/Palin defeat in 2008, the Republican Party has become fractured between the neo-conservatives of the Bush era, the original Reagan-era conservatives and the still embryonic Tea Partiers (they’ll get their footing soon enough, they just need a little time).  As Chairman of the powerful House Budget Committee, Ryan has established his credentials on pure Republican policies: low taxes, minimal government intrusion & benefits reform.  In many ways, he mirrors the same ideals as Governor Romney.  That’s why they’ll make a good ticket.

What he brings to the campaign is more than just rhetoric.  This race will now cease to be just a referendum on the failed policies of the Obama administration, and become instead a declaration of the principles that defined the GOP as the Grand Old Party in the first place. 

The victory of this campaign will usher a return to the economic principles that made the USA such a great nation in the first place.  No longer the “Sick Man of North America”, hobbling along on bad debts and a divided nation.  It was a bold choice to select Congressman Paul Ryan, and it will be the choice that cements Governor Romney’s win in November. 

I’ll drink to that.

Joe Bono (unusually, on the left) with me and other former staffers in Brux

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7 Responses to Veep pick Paul Ryan: A view from the States

  1. Gary Rickard says:

    When you’re a dinosaur denying, flat earth creationist in itchy long johns, you can’t be too careful who you pick to make you look normal.

    • David W. says:

      Then the bigots come out…

      • Gary Rickard says:

        I’m sorry but suggesting that criticism of a faith group amounts to some sort of bigotry or prejudice may be politically correct but it just won’t do. I would be concerned by masses voting for a Moonie, a Scientologist or, indeed, a Mormon as the security of the younger and future generations deserve the best informed and most balanced minds available. To silence criticism of people holding beliefs beyond the fringe of reason is in itself a form of prejudice.

        The good people of America deserve the best. Fingers crossed that Ryan is one of them because his boss scares me.

  2. David W. says:

    What concerns the rational American conservative/libertarian is Romney’s record of appeasement. He hails from Massachusetts which is a traditionally “liberal” (a poor moniker for the left as they are NOT liberals), and most involved in that region joke that there are no successful conservative candidates in New England politics. There are a number of things that must happen to right the ship of state. As good as Ryan can topically be for the ticket, it’s doubtful Romney can walk the walk. Here’s to hope.

  3. Dr Charles Wardrop says:

    From Obama’s record and prospects, it should be a shoe_in for the.G.O.P., but perhaps Romney is too scary for some, so Ryan looks a good counterbalance.
    As far as you know, are they likely pro-British, unlike the incumbent?

    • Romney has said some very positive things about the UK (and promised to reinstate the Churchill bust in the Oval Office). On the whole, I think US voters may find Ryan slightly more scary than Romney!

  4. Paul says:

    It won’t make much difference to the the election. They vote for the main candidate and not the potential VP. Let’s hope that Ryan’s stance on climate change is pushed to the fore so that this ridiculous religion can be seen for what it is once and for all.

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