The predictive power of a 1934 cartoon!

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7 Responses to The predictive power of a 1934 cartoon!

  1. Steve Gibbs says:

    Very apt for today’s situation.Politicians seem preoccupied with their personal legacy projects (HS2, Borris Island Airport) rather than addressing the reforms necessary to address the basic problem of lack of competitiveness in the UK economy, which undermines the prospect of economic growth.

  2. Sean O'Hare says:

    Is that supposed to be Marx?

  3. David W. says:

    We’re sure living that here in the USA right now. We’re in the grips of crisis construction used to determine who makes money (the establishment and aligned) and who pays (ordinary consumers) by force (gunpoint). The conflict is so obvious even to the perpetrators, that the US federal agencies — who are not supposed to have law enforcement powers — have gone on a weapons spending sprees.

    Their lust for legacy, power and money trumps reason every time.

    • myrna says:

      Is there something we haven’t heard or seen before; around and around we go, where it will end….oh, we know…we are all sitting on the wagon ready to go of a cliff, who is brave enough to to jump!

  4. tomgowans says:

    How about this cartoon, prescient of US Foreign Policy and the justification for it?

  5. Linda Hudson says:

    nothing new under the sun!

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