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Rolling out broadband

Last Friday, I had a meeting with Rutland County Council (RCC), to learn more about their broadband programme. Some time ago, they called for bids from broadband companies, and have now struck a deal with BT.  Under the deal, broadband … Continue reading

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UK economy: Our competitiveness is in danger

I’ve been banging on for some time about the threat to British competitiveness from the high price of energy.  We now have the third highest energy prices of any developed economy, after Italy and Japan.  Meantime (how many times have … Continue reading

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The Guardian defends wind farms. Badly.

There has been a lot of publicity recently for the proposition that wind farms don’t in fact deliver on their primary objective of reducing CO2 emissions (whether or not you think emissions reductions are important).  This counter-intuitive result arises because … Continue reading

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BBC Environment Correspondent Roger Harrabin:

“Why I haven’t reported that wind farm emissions savings may be zero” OK.  I’ll be honest.  I shouldn’t have put in the quote marks.  He did not use exactly those words.  But nonetheless I got a strong sense from recent correspondence that … Continue reading

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Friends of the Earth: A Counter-Blast

Recently a colleague in Eastern region wrote to Friends of the Earth (FoE) challenging their policy on wind turbines.  Richard Olive (a suitably green name) of FoE sent an extensive reply, and as UKIP Spokesman on Industry & Energy, I … Continue reading

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The EU Costs Britain £150 billion a year

There have been many estimates of the annual cost of Britain’s EU membership.  It is of course a great deal more than merely our direct annual budget contributions, of around £20 billion gross.  The biggest single element is the cost … Continue reading

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Secure Affordable Energy Policy

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