Promoting Scientific Research

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  1. Neil Craig says:

    Precisely. The inability of politicians and bureaucrats to choose winners & their compunction to give funds to the great, good and politically connected, is why grants for achieving targets (X-Prizes) are so much better than conventional grants.

    “For good reasons, government developed transportation has been costly and uncompetitive. A classic case is Samuel Langley’s government funded attempt to invent the airplane. Langley spent one hundred times as much money as the Wright brothers did. They succeeded, and he failed. Another example is the British government-funded effort to build passenger dirigibles between the world wars. The government-funded R101 crashed on its maiden voyage, but the commercially developed Vickers R100 dirigible flew successfully. NASA’s failures at every new launcher program in the past two decades are more recent examples.”

    … Prof. Freeman Dyson, President
    Prof. John S. Lewis, V.P., Research
    Dr. Lee Valentine, Exec. V.P.

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