Latest: Brussels wins the Olympics!

Extraordinary EU hubris and dishonest sleight-of-hand

It beggars belief.  It’s lunatic.  It’s farcical.  It’s downright dishonest.  But the EU has actually published, through its Berlin-based agency Euro Informationen, which works for the European Commission and European Parliament, an Olympic medals table which amalgamates the medals for all 27 EU states, and then declares the EU the winner.

After all, the EU tally amounted to 92 Gold medals, and 306 medals in total, way ahead of second-placed United States, with only 46 and 104 respectively.  But then as Disraeli remarked, there are lies, damned lies, and statistics.  And the EU has made an error so elementary as to be unforgivable, and so obvious that it can only be deliberately dishonest.  It happens that I read mathematics (including statistics) at Cambridge, but you don’t need a maths degree to see through the scam.

In any Olympic event, there will be qualifiers from a number of countries.  But other things being equal, you might expect twenty-seven times more qualifiers from the EU than from any random country.  Given that some EU countries are rather small (Luxembourg, Malta), the ratio may not be quite twenty-seven times, but it’s still substantial.  If the number of qualifiers from a notional, virtual quasi-nation like the EU is an order of magnitude greater than from another country, it’s scarcely surprising that the EU gets more medals than anyone else.

If (and pray heaven it never happens) the EU were to compete as a single entity under its hated Crown-of-Thorns flag, it would have far fewer qualifiers in any event.  As a large-population entity it might do quite well, but nowhere near as well as these fraudulent figures suggest.

That’s before you consider motivation.  How many of those athletes, who were prepared to sweat their hearts out representing their country, would make quite the same effort for an ersatz entity which has no resonance in hearts and minds?  How many spectators would find their eyes filling with tears of pride as the EU’s yellow stars were raised over the podium?  Not many.

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13 Responses to Latest: Brussels wins the Olympics!

  1. Jane Davies says:

    To quote a well known tennis player “You cannot be serious!”.
    Is this a joke?

  2. mikestallard says:

    “But the EU has actually published, through its Berlin-based agency Euro Informationen…..”

    Har Har! And who said we Germans have no sense of humour, Eh?

    • MIKE Maunder says:

      Har Har ! ….. Yes we know it’s published, and if we get it right, it will count for an extra 1,000 votes to leave the E.U. – Now we have the humour, Eh !

  3. Heather Alibakir says:

    If this is not a joke, it is yet another tick in the box of the “Shall we leave the EU poll” It may be an organisation intended to unite countries, but this is a manifestation of darker issues

  4. Phil J says:

    ‘darker issues’ Heather? This is one mega sized black hole of financial destruction!

  5. Linda Hudson says:

    E.U. pure unadulterated crack pots, totally embarrassing, and they have every aspect of our lives in their hands, help sweet Jesus SOS!

  6. George Morley says:

    In my book . we arent even full members as I have yet to meet anyone who voted for it !
    So putting in the UK numbers is a joke. Oh but you knew that already.

  7. Lt. Columbo says:

    Just one more thing …..

    The EU as a pseudo-national entity as described by Mr. Helmer, has twenty seven times as many entrants as any other genuine single nation then. I for one would like to see how they would organise the soccer event in such case. Would the “EU Nation” be able to field a team of 281 players, for example, because if so the soccer finals would be like some demented version of the “Eaton Wall Game” ? Perhaps other countries would wish to form loose political unions, and we might for instance see, Brazil, Russia, India, China and Korea, [The New BRICK] expand their horizons and include Japan, Australia, Pakistan, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Malasia, Bangladesh,Taiwan, and Vietnam, Then the so called, “EU Nation” would be up against such entities, as for example …. “JAP BRICK CLIMB TV”.

    Absolutely risible 😆

  8. Mark says:

    hi Roger, do you have any evidence this is true? perhaps you could add a link to something showing the private agency in fact acting for an EU institution in the table you refer too?

  9. Amalgamate the medals for all commonwealth states and the EU gets thrashed.

  10. Lt. Columbo says:

    two of my comments failed to appear –
    the content was important and informative

  11. MIKE Maunder says:

    THANKS ROGER ; for bringing this to my attention. It made me very angry, and could do the same for all that see it. One point to question. Are there other motives taking place in E.U. ?
    It seems very odd that this rather pointless item should be aired just now. As I have said, it made me angry, and I wonder if Cameron has an enemy in the E.U. ! ? Maybe Cameron is just accident prone, but it seems odd that out of the blue he had the Panama Papers drop on him. He gets found out with proven lies. His fingers are found in the tax till to pay for his lie booklet. Topping it all, I found an email today, asking for £20 and a mug would be posted to me from the stay-ins ! The mug has Cameron and his tribe on one side, and Corbyn, Sturgeon on the other side. You can only call these items THE STAY-IN MUGS ! As the leader of this stupidity and Prime Minister, did he not realise how this joke would bounce him ? Has he got a PR man with a different view to his, or is he just thick ? I don’t think it’s right to kick a man when he’s down, but with Cameron I will make the exception.
    I have sent my comments to those that raised the Olympic drivel. I received the lie booklet today, and it’s in the post to No.10 with comments, and I even put a stamp on the envelope as requested by Nigel Farage. ………………….. What a good boy am I !

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