Jonathan Bullock Joins UKIP

With Jonathan in Geddington

I am delighted to announce that Jonathan Bullock, a Kettering Councillor and an old friend of mine, has decided to leave the Conservative Party and to join UKIP.  Jonathan and I fought the 2004 euro-elections together.  I am very pleased indeed at the prospect of working with him again.  This is his press release on his decision:

Leading Councillor Joins UKIP

Councillor Jonathan Bullock, a member of the Cabinet of Kettering Borough Council and former Conservative Parliamentary and European Candidate, has today resigned from the Conservative Party and joined UKIP.

Cllr Bullock said “After considerable thought over some time I have joined UKIP, as they are articulating the right policies for the future of our country, particularly on Europe, Defence and Home Affairs.  I remain committed to the KBC conservative manifesto, of which I was the principal author, and on which I was elected at the Borough Elections in 2011.  This manifesto is entirely consistent with UKIP policies, so I will remain serving as a Ward Councillor and will continue to represent my Ward, and the views in that manifesto, at the Council”.

“It was a difficult decision to leave a Party of which I have been a member for many years, and for whom I have worked hard over the years.  However, the integrity with which UKIP has held to its core convictions and its alignment with my own beliefs has been very influential.  I have also been impressed with how the leadership of UKIP has developed UKIP as a party in recent years and its outstanding candidate in the forthcoming Corby By-Election. More and more of my friends and colleagues are turning to UKIP.  I will be attending the UKIP conference later this week in Birmingham, and look forward to hearing its very interesting and highly qualified programme of speakers.”

Roger Helmer MEP, who joined UKIP earlier in the year, said “We are delighted to have attracted a politician of the calibre of Councillor Bullock to UKIP. I was a candidate alongside him in the 2004 European Elections and I campaigned for him at the 2011 Kettering Borough elections. He will be a great asset to UKIP, which continues to grow both locally in Northamptonshire and throughout the rest of the UK.”

Notes:    Councillor Jonathan Bullock lives in Geddington , Northamptonshire and was first elected in 2007 for the Queen Eleanor and Buccleuch Ward of Kettering Borough Council. He was re-elected in 2011 with an increased majority.

Councillor Bullock contested the Parliamentary seat of Gedling in 2001 and was a European candidate for the Conservatives in 2004

Councillor Bullock can be contacted on 07774 832868 for further comment.

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9 Responses to Jonathan Bullock Joins UKIP

  1. mikestallard says:

    The EU is getting so silly that I think they will actually land some crashing blows on the Coalition at exactly the right time – just before the next election. It could well be that Councillor Bullock and you have made a very astute decision.

  2. ogga1 says:

    Welcome aboard Councillor Bullock, may many more follow in your footsteps.

  3. harrybeckhough says:

    I fail to understand these indecisive waverers who support our Party when all goes well but, as soon as troubles arise,(as they undoubtedly must with every Party), cut and run to the current favourite offering golden visions of future success under their aegis–as yet unproven; divorce lawyers thrive on such ilk. But our Conservative Party, the oldest and most mature, will not collapse from this major setback; as ever,it will shake itself free, rebuild and climb back again to lead our Country to renewed strength and stability. Over 80 years of unflinching support in peace and war, I have witnessed similar fluctuations in major Parties; ours will assuredly recover from this major upset inherited from Labour. We lifelong members have learnt to standfast through all setbacks; like our brave paraolympiads refusing to surrender to physical impairment and simply readjusting to fight back with unquenchable courage. We need to follow their example and raise our Party out of the ruck and back to the prosperity we seek for all our people

    • Ilma says:

      To raise the Conservative party “out of the ruck”, you need to restore Conservative values in the top leadership. With David Cameron, that’s never going to happen. As Cllr Bullock has found, the only way to maintain his personal and political integrity was to join UKIP. In a sense, the steamship Tory has floated away into the wilderness and the nuclear battleship UKIP has sailed in to rescue the stranded (bad ship analogies I know, but …).

    • Scaredypants says:

      Sticking with a party that is true to your beliefs is good. The Coalition is not true to Tiry values so supporting them would be purely tribal. To thine ownself be true

  4. Ian W says:

    When the Conservative Party is lead by a Europhile deception artist intent on pursuing centrist policies; taking those who tend to believe in policies closer to those offered by UKIP for granted & belittling & insulting even those in his own party who advocate policies that most of his party’s potential voters want; perhaps its more honest to follow a party that offers policies you agree with & with leadership that believes in something, rather than just saying whatever they think their current audience wants to hear.

  5. Valentine Smith says:


    I salute your loyalty and perseverance, but we need change. If enough Tories like Jonathan vote with their real feelings and move to UKIP then we really could do something stunning. It’s not an easy ride, but the prospects for change are getting better all time.

    If more people like you were also to move then we really can give the Tories something to think about.

    Valentine Smith

  6. Mark O'Hara says:

    The people of this country have been constantly let down by this ‘Conservative’ Government. Promises;promises;and yet more promises, have all been broken; the biggest one of all was David Cameron’s ‘Cast-Iron’ Guarantee to have a Referendum on In-Out of Europe. Finally people are saying, loud and clear, “Enough Is Enough”! UKIP is a breath of fresh air.

  7. For what it’s worth, I struggled for years with this conundrum: political principle versus tribal loyalty. For years I believed that we sceptics could change the Tory Party from within. But Cameron broke his “Cast Iron Promise” on a referendum — he even whipped his MPs against a referendum, and declared that we wouldn’t have a referendum because he believed we were “Better Off In”.

    Add to that a thoroughly perverse position on energy, which threatens to leave the lights going off and our grandchildren in poverty. A social engineering approach to university admissions. Failure to support the armed forces, while squandering billions on foreign aid. I reached the point when I could not in good conscience remain in the Conservative Party. I guess the same goes for Jonathan.

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