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Treaties are two-a-penny in Brux these days

Tomorrow (Saturday) I expect to be in Copenhagen at an event organised by my EFD colleague Morten Messerschmidt.  I’ll be debating against the Danish European Commissioner “for Climate Action” Connie Hedegaard.  But the subject is not Climate this time, but “A … Continue reading

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Barroso: Pathetically eager to defend the indefensible

It was Sir Winston Churchill who said “You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing, after they’ve tried everything else”. Today, we might amend the quote.  You can always rely on the EU to try everything else, but to … Continue reading

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Keeping the lights on

On Sept 22nd, at our Party Conference in Birmingham, I launched our new energy policy statement, entitled “Keeping the lights on”, and sub-titled “Rolling blackouts by 2020? UKIP has the solution”.  I argued that wind-farms, with their intermittent trickle of … Continue reading

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Strasbourg: An energy briefing

Last night in the Strasbourg parliament I attended an energy industry briefing on the place of oil in our economy.  Some interesting stuff emerged.  The industry stressed that refining margins are narrow, that refined petroleum products are cheap to ship … Continue reading

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Buried in the belly of the Brussels Beast

Generally I have a high regard for Andrew Lilico.  But in a recent blog piece on ConHome,  he seemed to be arguing that we’ve won the argument about EU membership, we’re practically “OUT” already, we can open the champagne and … Continue reading

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Scotland: “Independent in Europe”?

(It’s an oxymoron, but let that pass) We all know that you can’t be “Independent in Europe”.  You can’t be “In Europe, but not run by Europe”.  Indeed if we allow the EU its ambition to create “A Europe of … Continue reading

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Conservative Party hits the self-destruct button

Last night I did the Stephen Nolan show again at midnight on BBC Radio Five Live.  Love the show — but I hate getting to bed at two in the morning!  I was on with David Banks again, former Mirror … Continue reading

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