All pain, no Gain

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8 Responses to All pain, no Gain

  1. They have so much made a mess of the Cornwall Landscape, so, I go along with the suggestion of Jeremy Clarkson, those responsible should be taken outside and shot, preferably in front of those monsters!

  2. Gary Rickard says:

    Yes, Cornwall’s clay industry has gone to the French, fishing mainly to the Spanish, tin and RAF St. Mawgan to the history books, pasties to the VAT man, localism is treated with contempt as the brave little village of St.Dennis wins every appeal not to have an inappropriate incinerator overturned by Eric Pickles, ‘The Fat Control Freak’. It’s still a beautiful county but not for much longer as the virus of the pointless windmill infects more and more of the Duchy.

    Kernow bys vicken

  3. Ammonite says:

    One of the many stings in the tail of this futile industry, now once they are built the prospect of removing them in the future will be ridden with a real cost to us. In existing themselves it promotes other clusters and extensions of existing ones. They can be increased in height. the enormous tracks and adjustments to our road system need to be there too. The access tracks need to be maintained all through the life of the windfarm. Who maintains it afterwards when it is no longer needed, now that they have cut into the peat, soil and subsoil the hillside and blasted into bedrock?

    Then,with so much scrap, what do they do with the old turbines? Finally, how much of this industry’s waste, the towers, the blades, the generators, the under ground concrete, the not so small links to the grid?
    How much of this can landfill accommodate? How much can be honestly recycled?

    Who pays for it all then?

    See above The Hush Hush Map of Windblight in Scotland

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    Absolutely Correct

  5. James says:

    Roger, have you seen this wind turbine plan in your own East Midlands area?

  6. Jake Speed says:

    If the UKIP wants my vote, Post my comments on Wind farms and LENR / NASA, have commented several times, yet both of my comments have not been posted.
    Are you at fault or are your Mods?

  7. Jake Speed says:

    Thanks for posting – You have my Vote now, tell Mr Farage to keep telling them the way it is! 🙂

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