Sir Graham Watson MEP (Lib-Dem)

Graham Watson is one of the few Lib-Dem MEPs whose name you can actually remember.  He recently received his Knighthood, perhaps for his sterling work in steering the European Arrest Warrant through the European parliament.

I recently received an e-mail from Sir Graham regarding his so-called “Climate Parliament” — a pressure group with which he is associated.  I don’t have to describe its policies, because anyone familiar with this blog will know what to expect.  And it’s exactly what you’d expect, if not more so.

Nor will you be surprised to hear that the first demand of this “Climate Parliament” is for more money.  The green boon-doggle is already absorbing trillions, and dragging our economy into the gutter.  No matter.  Sir Graham wants more.

I replied to him as follows:

Dear Sir Graham,

The only problem here is that renewables are clearly unsustainable.

I wonder if you’re familiar with the work of Professor Gordon Hughes of Edinburgh University, and others, which concludes that because of inefficiencies in the operation of the necessary fossil-fuel back-up and spinning reserve, renewables do not, in fact, deliver significant net increases in electricity generation, nor do they deliver significant reductions in emissions.

In short, you’re wasting your time.  You’re also mortgaging our children and impoverishing our grandchildren.

Best regards.   Roger.


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11 Responses to Sir Graham Watson MEP (Lib-Dem)

  1. I think perhaps you are being a little too subtle. Your best solution would be to tie him to a bloody wind turbine until he sees some sense!!!

  2. John Bolton says:

    More, more & more money…….
    Not to mention power losses down these connectors!

  3. David W. says:

    I would love love love to see a list of the stakeholders, the entities and individuals profiting from the mandates.

  4. Mike Spilligan says:

    Surely the “Climate Parliament” should first appeal for funds should be to those other well-established fellow-travellers, many of them quite wealthy, whose practices and objectives will largely be duplicated – if not quadruplicated – by this wholly impertinent group?
    Of course, they have the means to lobby for a “special tax” – but not called that, of course – knowing that the man/woman in the street has plenty of surplus funds in this era of booming industry and commerce.

  5. ogga1 says:

    Surely Roger they are that efficient should they not be self funding.

  6. machokong says:

    You’re right, he’s certainly the polar of Dellingpole, a rightist they can remember, btu an obscure one. I would like to see the Honours system vetted, I mean, pretty soon the likes of Dionne Abbot are going to get something and we’ve already got the likes of Prescott in the HoL, the system needs to be checked, perhaps along that same lines as UKIP immigration policy (which I hope is still in play) and that is for all x to be checked since 1997.

    Other than that I would also firmly like to see a return of the Death Penalty, Huhne’s trial is up soon and while it may legally be a trivial pursuit I would like to see him stand trial for the murders of those who couldn’t afford their heating bill thanks to this NAZI fool.

  7. Mark says:

    Helmer, your views are not only incorrect but clearly display you have very little understanding on the subject. I assume you’re a Tory reject, which is odd as you’d do them proud with the arrogant way you bluster about pretending to know what you’re talking about without actually knowing a dam thing. It also concerns me that you appear to have a very unhealthy hatred for animals. Your an MEP i suggest you start to act like one and keep your animal hating, sick, sociopathic views to yourself. I tell you one thing, you and your type put every decent person off voting UKIP.

  8. watsonisminecometheday says:

    That puddle of slime, Watson – I will never deign to use the title he accepted from the Queen he wishes to remove – is a narcissistic fantasist with delusions of adequacy. I dislike LibDems as a breed, never in my life having met one I liked, but he exemplifies them.
    ‘Mark’ ,above clearly likes him. .

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