Horizon 2020: Creating patronage and relevance for the EU

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4 Responses to Horizon 2020: Creating patronage and relevance for the EU

  1. maureen gannon says:

    Roger is there no way that UKIP can get the message across to the people of this country that Cameron is duping them again with hints of a referendum, what with consenting to the sale of BAE , [ok there is a stay of execution] allowing the germans and french to control our defence, and the QMV where we will lose the little voice we have , the media is silent as lambs on the enormity of all this and that we will be handcuffed to germany for they rule Europe and not a gun has been fired. and we will be unable to leave this cesspit left as an offshore dumping ground, sorry had better stop I just get so angry.

  2. We’re doing our best, Maureen. Check my recent Tweets.

    • maureen gannon says:

      I know Roger ,I just get so frustrated I dont know if they still have D notices but it somehow feels as though there is a blackout that prevents our country from knowing the extent we are being sucked in , even the MPs seem to be helpless as the government is now so removed from even them. bLiar certainly ruined this country with is conclave that made the executive all powerful and above the rules of parliament how long before we have the toast to President [bliar]and country instead of Queen and country.

  3. WATO listener says:

    Pity Nigel Farage wasn’t up to speed on this when quizzed on World at One today (15/5/14). Said he didn’t know UKIP had voted against receiving x euros of research for GB but it would have been better to say he would come back on tomorrow with the answer , or better still get you on as your video clip clearly explains why!

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