Saving the disease, not the patient


Cartoon courtesy of The Economist

I just received a paper from the Centre for European Reform entitled “What Political Union for the Single Currency?

Note the underlying assumption that the first objective is to save the single currency at all costs — just as in 1992 the objective was to save the European Exchange Rate Mechanism — yet our experience was that the moment we dropped out of the ERM, things started to improve, and indeed we in Britain set out on the longest period of consistent economic growth in living memory.

In the New Testament, Our Lord said “The Sabbath was made for Man, not Man for the Sabbath”.  If he were around today, then (after he had thrown the money-changers out of the Temple) he might well observe that currencies were made for men, not men for currencies.  Our starting point should what’s good for the people — their jobs, their prospects, their prosperity — not what’s good for the €uro.  It’s a bankruptcy machine that we can well do without.

I replied to CER in the following terms:

Dear CER:

You need to understand that the €uro is the problem, not the solution.  It is the disease, not the patient.  At the moment, we’re trying to save the disease, and we’re ignoring the patient.  But I fear that the peoples of Greece and Spain may not be patient much longer.

Cheers.   R.

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6 Responses to Saving the disease, not the patient

  1. Phil Richmond says:

    My question is why un this country are the Tory leadership +

  2. Phil Richmond says:

    Sorry – My question is why in this country are the Tory leadership + 90% of the Labour Party and 100% of the Lib-Dems ignoring all the evidence about the damage the EU is doing and even denying the people a vote on the situation.
    Cameron’s speech was pathetic. Completely vacuous as usual. If he thinks that by changing the planning laws everything will be fine in the private sector then he is an idiot. Nothing on the EU/ immigration or energy costs! How did we get a Tory PM like him?
    This is pure treason!

    • It’s all about face, and not having the guts to admit you were wrong. Too much political capital tied up in the project.

    • Sue says:

      The New World Order, It’s really NOT conspiracy theory :

      “This blog has tried to inform its readers time and again that what goes on in the UK is being mirrored by Western governments right around the globe.

      Now we can tell you why. The OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development).

      Did you think that Gordon Brown was a good chancellor, or a good Prime Minister. Did you think that he had fiscal skills that were world class. No, neither did I.

      He is following a blueprint, laid out in documentation at the OECD, which clearly outlines how all Western States should be approaching PFI, local authority outsourcing, regional funding, cross border equalisation of fiscal policies, Target driven policies including the KPI’s to be measured and most contentious of all, Tax Policy. OECD has even planned out how your family should be structured and planned by their Directorate of Employment, Labour and Social Affairs. (details further down)

      Put this into the context of Britain being considered as a “sub-central
      autonomy”, i.e. in an EU context, and that Regions will become “sub-central
      autonomies”, too…

      Read the rest.

  3. Phil J says:

    I can hear the guttural tones of Adolf here… “Niederlage ist keine Option!” Roughly meaning that the EU is here to stay, no matter what cost or what misery it heaps upon the people “defeat is not an option!”

  4. Absolutely right, Roger.

    But how do rational people convince those whose sole motivation is to create monetary and political union, regardless of the cost?

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