The wisdom of Janet Daley

I don’t usually offer on my blog a mere quotation from someone else, but I was so struck by a line from Janet Daley (Sunday Telegraph, Oct 14th) that I feel moved to share it with you:

Cameron and Romney now have a remarkably similar message: we do not want to protect the wealthy, we want to extend wealth.  Whereas the parties of the Left in the US, Britain and Europe say they want to protect the poor, but what they are really doing is extending poverty.

So true.  Though I wonder if Cameron really understands it, or regards it merely as a trendy sound-bite.  But it’s not what he says.  It’s what he does.  I look forward to seeing his policies designed to extend wealth.

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4 Responses to The wisdom of Janet Daley

  1. Linda Hudson says:

    action always speaks louder than words, and thats why government become unstuck, and paralysed, so the use of their rhetoric comes into play!

  2. Scaredypants says:

    Cameron is just playing lip service to this. He is a puppet of the EU socialist agenda and until we get out of the EU we are on a downwards spiral to extreme poverty and totalitarianism whilst the Eurocrats live a life of luxury and freedom.

  3. Ammonite says:

    This social experiment, which is what the EU is after all, is conspicuously lacking in empathy of individual endeavour and accrued personal wealth. The mere fact that the saving of money is impossible now for so many, and the borrowing now crippling our country’s economy stands for all of us to see. Subsidies and credit cards, those locked into hyped financial agreements often connected with Euro credo and vacuous Greendom has had a parisitic effect on economy, the ‘lost’ pensions …. An almost stagnant economy, our leaders still bow to Europe, paying the price, signing the deals on our behalf. Britain has had enough I think, the next election beckons.

  4. Charles Wardrop says:

    It’s quite amazing that the present “Tory” Party has not sized up their leader, who is hardly more a Conservative than that of the Liberal, (non-democrat) Party, which Cameron should now be honest and join.

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