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Why renewables threaten our economic future

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The Best News in Thirteen Years!

I just heard the best news in all the years I’ve been in Brussels.  I’m told that there’ll be an announcement next week on shale gas, which will show that we have indigenous UK gas resources for decades at current … Continue reading

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Fracking: Safety concerns

I recently received a letter from a voter who was thinking of joining UKIP, but concerned about our position on shale gas.  I thought my reply was worth sharing: Thank you for your letter, and I am very pleased to … Continue reading

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Left? Right? Or Common Sense?

Peter Oborne describes UKIP as “The Conservative Party in exile”.  Dan Hannan is arguing for some kind of deal between the Conservative Party and UKIP.  (Nigel Farage said he’d only consider it if Cameron gave a promise of an In/Out … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Rotherham fostering scandal

Maybe it’s time for a look back at the Rotherham fostering scandal, now that the initial fall-out has settled — although Damian Thomson said most of what needed to be said in his wonderful headline “Rotherham’s Stasi have handed UKIP … Continue reading

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Green Jobs? Ask 900 Tata steel workers

The government has launched its new energy policy, which is expected to push up domestic electricity bills by £170 a year.  And the redoubtable Tim Yeo MP rushes to assure us that this is “a price worth paying”.    But … Continue reading

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Close Bros — Not close enough

This morning on the BBC Today Programme, I heard Nancy Curtin,  Chief Investment Officer of Close Brothers Asset Management talking about the EU.  I was astonished by her ignorance and prejudice. First of all, she casually observed that “50% of British … Continue reading

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A view from either side

Yesterday I had a couple in interesting conversations.  The first was with a prominent Conservative MEP. He was asking how I was getting on in my new Party.  I said that UKIP had a refreshing approach to policy.  We looked … Continue reading

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Personal Portrait

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EU energy policy is sheer lunacy

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Miliband on the EU: ignorant, opportunist, out-of-touch

On Saturday night, again, I did the midnight paper review on BBC Radio 5 Live.  There were some great stories in the Sunday papers.  Shell CEO Peter Voser says we have gas for 250 years — how’s that for a … Continue reading

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The Corby By-Election

So it’s all over.  Months of work by a great number of people.  And the best ever UKIP result in a by-election. We set ourselves the objective of gaining third place, and of maintaining our steady record of improvement in … Continue reading

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Promoting multilingualism in Notts

Just occasionally, I’m asked to speak on some other topic than politics — which can require some careful thought.  Last Friday, I went to Trent College in Long Eaton, Notts, to give the keynote speech to groups of students (or … Continue reading

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Wind bad: solar worse

A UKIP member recently contacted me about a proposed solar power development around a Derbyshire village.  Concerned villagers are opposed to the development, while local landowners expect to make a fortune in subsidies.  Could I help?  Of course I will … Continue reading

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A spell in the salt mines

Last week I spent a couple of days in Katowice, with the EFD Group.  (No, I’d never heard of Katowice either, until the Group arranged the meeting, but it’s in Poland).  We were there for a conference to plan a … Continue reading

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