Merkel tries to talk Cameron out of blocking new ramped-up EU budget

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6 Responses to Merkel tries to talk Cameron out of blocking new ramped-up EU budget

  1. john macgregor says:

    are we all mad ? how can we the british public carry on paying out £53mil a day & in return get very little back , the fact is we are the underdogs & always will be .

    its time we said thanks but no thanks , lets get out now

    can i ask ? do you want to be governed by the EU . as we are now ? it will get even worse than it is now

  2. maureen gannon says:

    Well it’s the hamsters wheel that keeps turning , we all know and the majority want out of the cesspit but the Pompinjays that lead the parties in Parliament love the stage they strut , are blind and deaf to the people they SHOULD serve, it will matter not who is in power it is obvious that we will be pulled deeper into the mire of this fraudulent body, Dave cannot risk bluffing to far for this would lead to a referendum and we aint going to get that while he can puff up his chest on the feet of clay that holds him up

  3. Phil J says:

    What absolutely beggars belief is the poll I saw the other day! OK, so 53% said “OUT” straight away, but of the remaining 47% how is it that 23% did not know which way they would vote? Is it possible that nearly a quarter of our population are so stupid, or maybe oblivious to the truth, that they actually think the EU ‘might be a good thing’? Which end of the Titanic would they choose I wonder?

  4. ogga1 says:

    If the people wish to show their dissatisfaction with lib/lab/con , then in Corby on the 15th there
    is only one vote,,UKIP.

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