EU energy policy is sheer lunacy

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5 Responses to EU energy policy is sheer lunacy

  1. I listened to this utterly cogent, persuasive speech. It said, as you know, what I firmly believe having looked at the facts. And it was heard by what? – eight people not including any of the Commissioners.
    People who say that we ought to stay in the EU so that our voice can be heard are still living in the 1930s – nearly a hundred years out of date.
    My lesson plans are now on TES website and have, in the space of a few hours been downloaded by several people.

  2. catalanbrian says:

    I dare say that most people did not bother listening because they knew what was going to be said and did not wish to waste their time listening to something that was clearly wrong.

    • Tony Wakeling says:

      Don’t blind me with facts,my”mind” is made up. Just hide under the table with your fingers in your ears and hope it goes away. Oh I know we’re not going to need energy for warmth “Global Warming” is going to heat the planet.

  3. Mike Spilligan says:

    Not a direct response to catalanbrian as it applies on several websites to numbers of naysayers. They always seem to say “You’re wrong”, and often in coarse terms combined with ad-hominems, without giving a single reason why.

  4. nigel deacon says:

    Good speech. It is time that subsidies on technology unable to provide the energy we need are stopped.

    When a huge offshore wind farm (consisting of a hundred turbines) was built near the North Kent coast, the operator, Vattenfall, said that its capacity was 300 megawatts. The project was launched with much publicity in September 2010, and we were told that it could power from 200,000 to 240,000 homes.

    If the 300MW wind farm supplies 240,000 homes, this is equivalent to 1250 Watts per home.

    The measured output is 75 megawatts, not 300.

    This is 312 Watts per home; enough for three old-fashioned light bulbs.

    I notice that this figure has not got into the papers, or onto the BBC.

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