A view from either side

Yesterday I had a couple in interesting conversations.  The first was with a prominent Conservative MEP.

He was asking how I was getting on in my new Party.  I said that UKIP had a refreshing approach to policy.  We looked at each question with an open mind, and tried to find a common-sense approach.  Then if we found that London cabbies agreed with us (that’s always a good litmus test) we figured we had it about right.

“Ah”, said Fred (I’ll call him Fred) “I can remember a Party like that, which used to have a pragmatic, common sense approach”.  “I know, Fred”, I replied, “I used to be a member of it”.

The other was with a prominent Labour MEP, who volunteered the view that “UKIP is on the up”.  “Labour has a difficult position on this”, he said.  “We’re a pro-European party.  But we can’t ignore the fact that 56% of voters would vote to leave the EU.  We have to recognise that, and respond to it.  That’s what Miliband is trying to do”.  I replied “But it seems to me, Joe (I’ll call him Joe) that Miliband has ended up with the failing Tory policy — we want to stay in the EU, but we want reform”.  Joe didn’t entirely agree.  I asked if he was getting much airtime.  “Not much”, he replied, “but you seem to be on Five Live all the time”.  A slight exaggeration, but good to hear.   He added “UKIP has the views that people seem to want to hear”.

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11 Responses to A view from either side

  1. Linda Hudson says:

    56% of the voters want out of the E.U.! 56% seems a very conservative figure, is this figure from the Guardian newspaper?

  2. Other people use cabbies: I use my wife. She is at last admitting that she doesn’t much care for the EU. There are now a few stories about it in the Daily Mail too, not all of them positive.
    But you are right, none of the mainstream parties seems to be listening to us normal people: their hearts are all on the continent along with the chorus of hate (see Dan Hannan’s blog yesterday).

  3. Charles Wardrop says:

    What on Earth does Cameron or other, seemingly non dyed-in-the-wool EU enthusiasts, see in our continued membership?
    Is he feart of trouble? It’s clearly now causing us and his Party more trouble than it’s giving benefits.
    Could be a vote-winner for him to agree with your Party, as do I, and quit the EU, which evidently could be achieved with an existing legal poroviso.

  4. Phil J says:

    Quote:- He added “UKIP has the views that people seem to want to hear”.
    To my mind that simply means that UKIP engage heavily in the ammunition boxes marked COMMON SENSE-not common purpose or common market or europhile united or one market/one tax etc simpy Commkon Sense.
    As for the 56% thta was, in my humble stimation, a minimal figure because (if I remember correctly) 26% said they would sta in the EU which left 18% not knowing what they would do if offered the option of a referendum vote. I think that the 56% figure is an overwhelming figure and a figure that no government can ignore and I do think that this would be one vote where apathy would not reign supreme-perhaps that is what Cameron fears too!

  5. John Bolton says:

    I happened to attend a village meeting where the local Conservative Party treasurer was complaining that our community had contributed nothing into their coffers for the last couple of years. We are a Tory stronghold here!
    The cry from the floor was “You’ll get nothing while this protracted and very aggressive wind farm application continues to cripple our resources.”

    Small feed admittedly but Tory finances may be experiencing a shrivelling feeling in rural heartlands while this useless scam continues unabated!

  6. Avellana says:

    Let us view the rattling Scottish cart. I am still waiting to hear what UKIP makes of those who are in Scotland and utterly opposed to being anything other than British. Many families here have English roots with children born in Scotland. Many wise travelled folk, some from the forces, and others I have spoken with are determined not to stay. Education and identity being rewritten here as we speak. The same loss, same distortions as the idiocy of the EU. Will England be ready for a mass migration from Scotland?

    • rfhmep says:

      And that migration can only accelerate if an independent Scotland joins the €uro!

    • Linda Hudson says:

      My Grandchildren, Scottish born of English parents living in Scotland, and their mother, and a father who had served in the R.A.F. now dreads the possibility of losing their U.K. British citizanship, thus becoming exiles in a foreign land!

      • Avellana says:

        Exactly Linda, the polarisation that this embittered party SNP creates does not reflect the wisdom or have affinity with many of the people I am in touch with. It seems as though it is independence at any cost. This of course has many implications from a defined identity to simplistic revenge. I hope that Scotland at the ballot box sees independence as a step too far. Now that we have already got Scotgnats, Scottish Labour, Scottish Tory, Scottish Libdem and Scottish party affiliation already within the Regional Councils, it occurs to me that I never voted for the Scottish element, it was introduced by stealth.

  7. neilfutureboy says:

    I am firmly of the opinion, not only that Cheap Energy + Econo0mic Freedom = Economic Growth, which is why we are in recessiion, but that every informed politician knows this. Certainly I have seen no politician willing to say why they don’t believe it.

    Since this is essentially UKIP policy and its antithesiis – ever rising power cosrts and more regualtion- is the policy of the LabConDems that almost all there MPs know perfectly well that they are promoting the recession, though for obviouis reasons don’t discuss it. This theory could be disproved by any MP of any of these parties making a coherent case for what they claim to believe.

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