Why renewables threaten our economic future

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13 Responses to Why renewables threaten our economic future

  1. Mary Young says:

    Excellent response, Roger; how can those facts presented so eloquently be argued with let alone dismissed, as it clearly was, with laughter? Good back up from Spain

  2. Jenny keal says:

    Wonderful speech Roger, undeniable, yet they still deny it!

  3. Jonathan says:

    Who on earth elected you? You are blinkered beyond belief.

    Renewable energy sources are extremely valuable – all the more so if you have community owned schemes that are off-grid, rather than feed-ins to the grid to allow wateful people to fritter it away.

    • ogga1 says:

      Jonathan,I take it you prefer the non-elected type as in the E.U,as for blinkered at least you give credit for some vision, unlike Lab/Lib/Con who as well as being totally blind to the
      peoples needs are totally DEAF.

    • Scaredypants says:

      Renewables is not working for all the reasons Roger has stated. But you are ok with businesses going down the pan with unrealistic costs and targets and people dying of cold or starvation. It’s all ok for your socialist dream isn’t it. You need less people on the planet for your Utopian nightmare

  4. Reblogged this on A Riverside View and commented:
    Well said Roger. Should’ve stayed with the Tories instead of joining the fruit cakes but never mind.

  5. Jonathan. You are clearly out of touch and perhaps out of your depth.
    Roger Helmer/ UKIP are at the forefront of showing up the windmill industry for the expense and futility of their ‘plan’. Despite what Ed Davey believes – you cannot have secure future energy supplies if you IN ANY WAY RELY on intermittent wind delivering when needed. The essential back-up generation by both gas and nuclear means the UK will pay for a double-build strategy. All requiring subsidies and all ensuring that many thousands more join me in fuel poverty.

    “Renewable energy sources are extremely valuable.” Bland statement.
    Well yes – if you measure the £millions that firms such as Dulas are extracting thanks to a gross lack of due diligence by Civil Servants and the National Audit Office – then they extremely remunerative for a few green disciples.

    They have been ‘taken in’ by nameplate capacities and coughed up over £5.5 billion (of our money) in the last few years – yet today the total windfleet managed just 0.17 Gw of output.
    Local MP calls it a “scandal” and the LibDems are already plummeting in the by-elections.

    Strangely, Mr Helmer’s chums are doing rather well ….. 😉

  6. R Stornaway says:

    My home is heated by electricty that I cannot afford to use. I am, therefore, sitting here and typing in the cold. How can it be that Mrs Hall can sit in the warm and laugh at me?

    • Scaredypants says:

      The EU simply do not give a damn. They have this Socialist dream and the human cost doesn’t come into the equation. It has been likened to an extreme religion- they are enforcing it upon us no matter what the effects are on the ordinary people.

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  8. Scaredypants says:

    Recently, I has the opportunity to spend a few days flying over France in a light aircraft. We went over several wind farms. The first day was very still with no wind, and maybe one out of five turbines on each farm was going round. The second day was very windy and two out of five turbines was going round, the third day was about in between and three turbines were going round. Never on any day were all of them working at once . And they just look plain ugly in the beautiful landscape as well

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