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Cameron paints himself into a corner

Cameron’s contortions — and indeed the Conservative Party’s contortions — over the EU issue would be funny, if the matter weren’t so serious.  Beset by UKIP, Cameron knows he has to offer a tough line on Europe.  He’s declared his … Continue reading

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Just maybe — hydrogen could really power cars

Graphene-based hydrogen storage Regular readers of this column will have noted my Jeremy-Clarkson-like, petrol-head enthusiasm for motor-cars, preferably powered by large petrol engines, and producing inordinate amounts of power.  As our friends the Americans say, “There’s no substitute for cubic … Continue reading

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UKIP Policy: Solutions, not scapegoating

Tony Blair recently came up with one of his masterful sound-bites.  UKIP, he said, is a party based on scapegoating, not solutions.  A clever turn of phrase, but vacuous when you examine it, for how can you propose solutions without … Continue reading

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Islamic Terrorist Richard Reid

Ruling by Judge William Young, US District Court. “Shoe Bomber” Richard Reid was recently sentenced to 80 years in jail by Judge William Young in the US District Court.  The Judge’s summing-up was splendid, but little reported.  His language was … Continue reading

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Wind farms: a 1.4 mile limit? Or not?

First we had Energy Minister John Hayes giving the thumbs down to wind farms, insisting that no more would be built.    Then we had Owen Paterson, Environment Minister, calling for an end to subsidies for wind — which would … Continue reading

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Telegraph Cartoon

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The Euro and the EU are on borrowed time

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