MEP awarded Nobel Peace Prize

The chocolate Nobel Medal

The chocolate Nobel Medal

Today I was awarded (along with hundreds of others) the Nobel Peace Prize — or at least a chocolate replica.

Following the formal award of the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo on Monday, the EU institutions have gone into an orgy of adulatory self-congratulation.  At the door of the European parliament in Strasbourg is a ten-foot high video screen recycling highlights of the event, with short clips intended to celebrate the EU’s achievements, plus endless close-ups of Herman Rumpy-Pumpy, José Manuel Barroso and parliament President Martin Schultz — though as I Tweeted, there are no clips of street protests in Athens or Madrid, as European citizens demonstrate against austerity.

The EU institutions are proud of their decision to donate the Nobel Prize Money to good causes — although not keen to mention that their visit to Oslo to collect the prize cost a great deal more.

Many commentators found the award of the Nobel Prize to the EU, as it sinks into economic crisis and mutual recrimination, to be beyond parody.  Some felt that an organisation which is seeking to give itself a military dimension was also not an appropriate recipient of a Peace Prize.

The Nobel Citation will become the prize exhibit in “The Museum of European History”, an extraordinary vanity project of the European parliament and its former President Hans-Gert Poettering (my former good friend who sought my expulsion from the EPP group), being built at a cost of over £100 million, and funded by the European parliament — or rather by you, the tax-payer.

It’s my view that the EU should worry more about jobs and growth, and less about patting itself on the back for very dubious achievements.   The chocolate Nobel Medal reminds me that years ago I was given a chocolate €uro.  It melted.  But then I always said it was a soft currency”.

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6 Responses to MEP awarded Nobel Peace Prize

  1. mikestallard says:

    In all the gloom there are quite a lot of little rays of sunshine.

    Last night, Jeremy Paxman (remember him?) actually used the whole of Newsnight to have a fair debate (including Nigel Farrage in his best suit) on the EU. It was quite obvious when all the old arguments in favour were dictated that Jeremy himself was on the side of the angels.

    The young Nordic lady sounded seriously worrying to people of my own generation. The “Chair” was pompous and not convincing. The little PR man in the middle was simply pathetic. He must know (my son is in advertising) that the best opportunities are actually outside the EU.
    Mr Tang – a HUGE name in Asia – sort of Mr Marks and Spencer – was, to my surprise, very neutral indeed. Then there was a sad businessman who kept talking about his disappointment in the Single Market which simply did not work in France.

    I stayed up and watched enthralled.
    And this is a new development!

  2. Scaredypants says:

    What is the most disturbing is how Cameron et al are really ignoring the people on this EU insanity. They keep peddling the lies and ignoring the fact that we all now know it is not purely a single market. I can understand Barosso’s demented pursuance of his utopia but Cameron?
    What is his excuse?

  3. maureen gannon says:

    And while the people go hungry the MEPs eat chocolate. That just about sums it up.

    As for Cameron is he a cloned bLiar. ? just when are politicos going to become what they are elected for, the sevants of the people and not their masters.

  4. Gary Rickard says:

    Are you sure it’s chocolate? Looks like something a bull just did

  5. John Bolton says:

    I bet it wasn’t milk chocolate!

  6. Anne Palmer says:

    This Years Nobel Peace Prize.

    It seems needless to pontificate
    To democratise the Nobel laureate,
    The once noble prize gained for ‘peace’
    After this debacle, will it now cease?
    For Countries trapped inside the EU
    Are looking outside, for me and you,
    The award has become a laughing stock,
    For ‘tis given whether “worthy” or not.

    People are angry, rioting in the EU,
    With austerity imposed, what can they do?
    The people are starving, many out of work,
    Yet none of these people are the kind that shirk.
    Greeks burned swastikas when Angela came,
    Reminding how the EU was given a new name.
    Some unrest here too, in our old UK,
    Yet, “Give peace a chance” I once heard some-one say.

    Is it too late to now save this once great Prize?
    A worthy honour, mocked, perhaps contrived
    By the Norwegians and their caricature of fun,
    Sheer mockery in choosing the EU, now done.
    The Nobel Prize for PEACE, all what it means
    Its stature, magnificence, for all to be seen,
    No other award had unimpeachable stature,
    Yet questions remain for now no one is sure.

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