European citizens demand affordable energy


Public appeal calls for suspension of the EU’s hugely expensive Climate & Energy Package

Concerned citizens from across the European Union are calling for lower energy prices, and for the suspension of the EU’s Climate and Energy Package, which mandates aggressive targets for expensive renewables.  They are using a mechanism called the “European Citizens’ Initiative”, created under the Lisbon Treaty, to set out their demands.  This requires a million signatures across the EU by November 2013 — including 54,000 from the UK.  Members of the public can sign on-line.

If successful, the European Commission will have to respond to the initiative, and hearings will be conducted in the European parliament.  The initiative will not force the EU Commission to comply, but it will hugely raise the profile of the issue, and put pressure on the EU institutions for a rational and affordable energy policy.

In the UK, EU targets will require 30% of energy generation from renewables, mainly wind, by 2020, potentially adding £150 to £200 a year to household bills.  Other countries face even bigger problems.  The idea for this initiative started out in Poland, which is 90% dependant on coal for electricity, and is impacted even more severely than the UK by the EU’s ultra-high-cost approach.

The huge costs of the programme in the UK are largely the result of dependence on wind farms.  These are expensive to start with.  Then they require conventional back-up, greatly increasing costs.  And they also require massive new investment in the Grid to cope with distributed and intermittent generation.

The initiative has the support of a number of MEPs, including Scottish Conservative Struan Stevenson and Polish MEP Jacek Kurski of Solidarna Polska.  Jacek Kurski says: “Most of us understand how important it is to stop the harmful EU climate policy wasting billions of Euros on ineffective unilateral climate policy in the middle of a worldwide economic crisis. This petition allows citizens a voice to demand the EU stop its harmful policies and demand cheaper energy. Please sign up now.” 

The fact is that the EU’s Climate & Energy package, with its very aggressive targets for renewable energy, is driving up energy costs.  It is forcing millions of households and pensioners into fuel poverty.  It is undermining industrial competitiveness in the UK and Europe, and driving energy-intensive businesses, with their jobs and investment, out of the EU altogether.  But it will have little or no effect on the environment, since the EU accounts for only around 13% of COemissions.  Meantime around the world there are some 1200 new coal-fired power stations in the pipeline.

Now’s your chance to make your voice heard on this vital issue: please sign up today.  And circulate details to your friends and contacts.

The UK’s representative for the project is Leicestershire-based Paul Oakden, who can be contacted at


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12 Responses to European citizens demand affordable energy

  1. David H. Walker says:

    Seems a great number of Germans are already using “renewables” even if they have to steal them;

    I don’t know what Germans and Europeans have historically used to heat their homes, but have long predicted the green energy scam would result in “larger carbon footprints”, because forcing market changes always drives up prices and hurts those least able to pay for it; so they look for traditional, more “primitive” alternatives.

  2. Avellana says:

    Step by step this whole greencontrick has to dismantled. Struan Stevenson and others have been consistent with those of us that felt all along the hyped price for energy, the grim stories, the destruction of our wild places and impact on rural communities. We must never forget the effects our national well being, trust in our representatives. I hope at last there is some sense with this brave move.

  3. Pedestrianblogger says:

    There is no A.G.W. CO2 is a trace gas. Windmills don’t work. Al Gore is a crook?

  4. Mike Spilligan says:

    Mr H: Thanks for those links, though I think we know that there is only Plan “A” on this subject and politicians will “cock a deaf ear” to as many complaints as we can collectively make. My MP can only trot out the Party line (Coalition Party that is) on this.

  5. @GhostOfWinston says:

    Roger, the vote here link appears to be broken/incorrect. Here is a link that works

  6. Fubarroso says:

    I can see no point in signing this petition. Roger above all people should know that expressing ones opinion to the EU is useless. A million signatures? That they can easily ignore! Storming the Berleymont would be much more effective.

  7. Adrian Hey says:

    Roger, the link to sign this petition is blocked by both Chrome and Internet explorer due to a dodgy security certificate apparently. Worse, I can’t report even report the error to the email address given because that also bounces. It seems something is seriously borked here, so if you have another way of contacting Paul Oakden please let him know.

    • rogeroffice says:

      Hi Adrian, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are aware that some people are having issues accessing the petition, we are looking to try and establish why. We do know however that the majority of people are able to access the site without a problem to register their support for our initiative. I would also ask that you check you have the correct email address in trying to contact Paul Oakden, it should be, which I know has been receiving emails. Hopefully you have been contacted on your personal email address independantly. Many Thanks Again.

      • Adrian Hey says:

        FYI, nether the email address given in your blog ( nor the one above seem to work for me, they both bounce. I can access the petition website OK but get the bad security certificate warning when I click the “sign here” button. I only mention it because I imagine that many other potential signatories will be having similar problems.

  8. Anton says:

    Is signing a petition the best way to do this?
    How many times have petitions been regarded as “one objection” on various matters in this country recently. It’s not democratic but it’s done all the same.

  9. Avellana says:

    I use Bing as a search engine and had no difficulties with signing.

  10. maureen gannon says:

    I cannot access recent posts so I have not lost interest just keep getting dumped from site when I go to comment ,Will continue trying , don’t know how this one has slipped through

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