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Conservative Double-think

One of the reasons that led me (and many others like me) to give up on the Conservative Party was their extraordinary ability to tell a robust Eurosceptic story — and then go and do the opposite. I well remember, … Continue reading

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Eija Riita Korhola is a Finnish MEP first elected, as I was, in 1999. She has taken a keen interest in energy issues, and I was particularly struck by her recent blog on climate.  I have to share it … Continue reading

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Good at business. Dodgy on politics.

Stephen Odell, presumably in his Volvo days I have a vague recollection that I had dinner with Stephen Odell, now CEO of Ford Europe, in Brussels a few years ago. If memory serves, he was extremely bright, switched-on and agreeable, … Continue reading

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Algeria: lessons learned but questions remain

  It is too early to draw definitive lessons from the Algerian hostage-taking.  There are too many loose ends.  But nonetheless we can see the outline of some conclusions.  It seems to me that there are two questions.  First, how … Continue reading

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European citizens demand affordable energy

Public appeal calls for suspension of the EU’s hugely expensive Climate & Energy Package Concerned citizens from across the European Union are calling for lower energy prices, and for the suspension of the EU’s Climate and Energy Package, which … Continue reading

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“All our burgers are Shergar-Free”

Britain has been scandalised by the news that many “beef-burgers” sold in major supermarkets contain traces of other meats, including pork and — shock horror — horse!  Reportedly some Tesco burgers had 29% horse meat.  Cue innumerable horse-jokes and puns … Continue reading

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Plenary Speech: The Future of the EU

    Plenary Speech Jan 15th Mr. President:  It seems that Chancellor Faymann understands some of the problems that the EU is facing.  But his solution is ‘More Europe”.  This is the triumph of hope over experience, of ideological prejudice … Continue reading

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