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The Shale Gas “Argument Map”

My position on shale gas is well known.  But I recently came across a very interesting document which may be of interest to both sides of the debate.  It’s a new concept to me: an “Argument Map”. It aims to … Continue reading

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“A Horrendous Energy Crunch” … and maybe, just maybe, a Get-Out-of-Jail Card

A horrendous energy crunch.  At least that’s how the Daily Mirror described it, and for once they weren’t exaggerating.  The USA may have its Fiscal Cliff, but we’ve got an Energy Abyss, a Power Precipice.  And let’s be clear — … Continue reading

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Wind turbines have “grace & beauty”?

It seems that the National Trust has gone seriously off-message.  Chairman Sir Simon Jenkins took a very clear line in opposing wind turbines on both aesthetic and practical grounds.  Under his stewardship, the Trust joined forces with CPRE, English Heritage … Continue reading

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The UK: the EU’s largest export market

A simple and striking fact, which is little-known and has astonished a number of folk in the EU institutions in Brussels: when Britain leaves the EU, it will become the EU’s largest export market.  Bigger than the USA.  Bigger than China. … Continue reading

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My dilemma on the EU Budget

Downing Street is claiming the credit for cutting the EU Budget for 2014/ 2020, the so-called Multi-Annual Financial Framework.  The ceiling for overall payments has been set at EUR 908.40 billion, compared to EUR 942.78 billion in the MFF 2007-2013, meaning … Continue reading

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Reflections on a scandal

I think that the horsemeat jokes have been practically done to death.  Personally I liked the Matt cartoon show the front cover of the Racing Post with a starburst advertising their new recipe page.  But maybe it’s time to reflect … Continue reading

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Oettinger’s dreams of energy

Last night I attended another of Giles Chichester’s European Energy Forum Dinner Debates.  This was with Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger, and because the Commissioner was coming, the event was exceptionally well attended — well over a hundred, I’d say — with … Continue reading

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Greenpeace: Disrupting the disrupters

Yesterday morning (Feb 19th), a meeting on Shale Gas at the Renaissance Hotel in Brussels, organised by Shale Gas Europe , was interrupted by a Greenpeace Invasion.  The three young ladies in question, not surprisingly, didn’t offer any business cards, but … Continue reading

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Does Osborne have the cojones to face down Balls?

I just wrote a blog about George Osborne’s apparently schizophrenic attitude to taxation.  He seems to know that high tax rates are damaging, yet he still talks of delaying cuts in the Death Tax “because the money is needed for … Continue reading

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Is George Osborne Schizophrenic?

In “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, the White Queen prided herself on believing six impossible things before breakfast.  I don’t know if Chancellor George Osborne can do that, but he can certainly believe two incompatible things at the same time. He … Continue reading

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Tax hikes can’t work

  I don’t quite know why it is, but somehow Nick Clegg’s periodic demands for a Mansion Tax remind me irresistibly of the Jack-in-the-Box.  Every so often the lid pops open, and up jumps the deputy Prime Minister, demanding money … Continue reading

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How the EU damages the European auto industry

I’ve just done a lunch debate with EU Environment Commissioner Connie Hedegaard, who is passionately Warmist and green, and not a bad communicator, having done time as a journalist.  The topic was “CO2 and passenger cars: Reaching the Target”.  And … Continue reading

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Same-Sex “Marriage”

I was saddened, though not surprised, to see that the House of Commons has voted to approve same-sex marriage.  It was a small consolation that more than half of Conservatives voted against.  Nice to think that there are still some … Continue reading

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Harvesting subsidies, not cereals

This is green vandalism at its worst.  Peterborough Council is proposing to take 900 acres of prime agricultural land around Thorney, Cambs, for a solar and wind farm.  In the process, they are giving notice to a number of tenant … Continue reading

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The past is no guide to the future….

We are all familiar with that warning on financial products: “The past is not necessarily a guide to the future etc etc…”. That’s at least partly true. We can certainly learn lessons form the past, but the assumption that any … Continue reading

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