The Shale Gas “Argument Map”


My position on shale gas is well known.  But I recently came across a very interesting document which may be of interest to both sides of the debate.  It’s a new concept to me: an “Argument Map”. It aims to set out the main arguments, by category, on each side of the question.  It merely says what they are, with no attempt to evaluate the validity or to estimate the relative importance of each argument.

I think that both those in favour of shale gas, and those against, will find it of interest, so I offer it to you for what it is worth.  The scheme was commissioned by TNO, a Dutch research NGO.

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9 Responses to The Shale Gas “Argument Map”

  1. And in America an additional benefit is the 12.5-25% royalty based upon total production that the mineral owner receives. This is a life-changing infusion of money for many. The mineral owner has had an untapped resource just waiting for an oil and gas company to come and extract.

  2. Lists like this are most impressive – until you get to read them. They are so keen to balance the two sides that they have to fill in certain gaps.
    If we were really a free country – like we once used to be – we would be already drilling. Taking risks is important if the lights are not to go out and they do – surprisingly quickly actually.

  3. Jane Davies says:

    OK, read it…don’t see the point of it!

  4. DougS says:

    OK Jane, they say that confession is good for the soul so I’ll come clean as well.

    I only lasted about 20 seconds before my eyes glazed over.

  5. Riddi of England says:

    RH MEP
    I am old enough to remember the Miraculous discovery of North sea oil and Natural gas. It was proclaimed as if it were the second coming by our politicos and lo brilliantly BP et al made it happen. We were to become the saudi arabia of europe and so it came to pass spectacularly.
    For the last 20 or 30 years we have had the benefits( possibly not very wisely used) Capital versus Revenue but more revenue buys votes via state dispersals.

    Amazingly now in our of need we find beneath our feet according to BGS 500 years supply of Natural gas on land and it is regarded as the Devils spawn !
    Its a strange non sequitur.

    To be consistent are we seriously to consider pulling the plug on the North sea Oil and Natural gas bonanza and add to the 2000 extra hypothermia deaths that could be avoided every winter.

    I say drill baby drill !! and lets get toasty.!

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