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Worry about the cold, not Global Warming

An excellent piece by Specky Editor Fraser Nelson, titled “It’s the cold, not global warming, that we should be worried about”.  Fraser points out that typically in the UK, some ten times as many people (mainly pensioners) die of … Continue reading

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“Europe” doesn’t Work

Tim Congdon is one of the UK’s most distinguished economists, and we are privileged to have him on the UKIP team.  I have written about Tim before. He’s had good things to say on banking regulation, and he’s previously written on how … Continue reading

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Good news and bad news from the Land of the Rising Sun

Japan has been having a hard time for a couple of decades.  In pro rata terms, it is the most indebted country in the world.  Its National Debt is around 230% of GDP, and second only to the USA in … Continue reading

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Industrial Policy in the Cement Industry

On March 6th (the day attended a breakfast briefing on the proposed EU/US trade deal) I had lunch with CEMBUREAU  This is the European Cement Association.  And we heard another Commission Director General, this time Daniel Calleja Crespo, of DG Enterprise and … Continue reading

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“You are the Gravediggers of European Democracy”.

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Balliol College: Master’s Seminar in Brussels

(and a little genteel climate iconoclasm) On March 18th I attended an unusual event: to celebrate its 750th anniversary, Balliol College, Oxford, is staging a series of “Master’s Seminars” around the world, on subjects of global interest. This one, in the … Continue reading

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Breakfast — at T-Tip, not Tiffany’s

On March 6th, I attended a breakfast briefing on T-Tip.  That’s a two-syllable abbreviation for a four-syllable acronym, TTIP.  This in turn is an abbreviation for Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.  But in less portentous language (and plain English) it … Continue reading

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