Flying the Flag for Britain

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4 Responses to Flying the Flag for Britain

  1. Pete G Little says:

    To be fair, I do recall that, about two months ago, there was a tv broadcast of a British-oriented (music?) awards ceremony at a Hyde Park Hotel – the Grosvenor ? – presented by tne great & good; in which, i did notice, the Union Flage was similarly upside down. It was interesting that, in all subsequent shots, the inverted flag was kept consciously out of shot. It just goes to show that evne those running our great institituiions can’t be trusted!

  2. Bill says:


    An inverted Union flag indicates that a ship is SINKING

  3. Andrew Shakespeare says:

    What? Again?

    They’ve done it before, and I recall you made a similar comment about it at the time. You’d have thought the chief Eurocrat responsible to flying flags would have got the message last time.

  4. Jane Davies says:

    Could be they are doing it on purpose?

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