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Lib Dem attack crashes and burns

On Tuesday March 12th, during a rather long speech in the Strasbourg Hemicycle from Israeli President Shimon Peres, I’m afraid I inadvertently and momentarily dozed off.  As it happens, I was in the parliament that day for fourteen hours, and … Continue reading

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Flying the Flag for Britain

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Peak Oil? Or false summit?

The doomsters have spoken.  We’re facing “Peak Oil” — a point of maximum production, followed by an inexorable decline, when oil prices will skyrocket, and petrol and diesel cars will rust by the road-side. In 1922, a US federal commission … Continue reading

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Is welfare a life-style choice?

I must recently have made some passing comment about welfare, because a certain @DocHackenbush replied: “Memo to Helmer: Unless you’ve lived on social security, you don’t get to have an opinion on it”.  That’s about as sensible as saying “Unless … Continue reading

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A voting Dilemma on the EU Budget

Today, MEPs vote on the parliament’s report on the so-called Multi-Annual Financial Framework, or MFF.  This is the parliament’s response to the Council’s proposal on the six-year outlook for EU budget. The vote poses a particular problem for UKIP.  On … Continue reading

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Oettinger: It’s that man again!

EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger, about whom I have had occasion to write more than once, has been to Scotland at the Scottish Energy Insititute’s recent dinner in Aberdeen.  It seems he played a blinder.  I’ll give you some quick … Continue reading

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Cutting off our nose to spite our face

A couple of days back I Tweeted against the EU’s proposed   Financial Transaction Tax (FTT, or Tobin Tax), and David Cammegh   @davidcammegh replied: “Let them collapse or clear off because then new honest banks might take their place in a … Continue reading

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