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Exporting jobs, industry and emissions

An ITRE intervention:

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Heresy! Sheer, rank heresy!

I recently Tweeted about the need for our Coalition government to stop dithering, and get on with building new nuclear power infrastructure.  Someone Tweeted in reply “Yes, but who pays for it?”.  I replied “Good question, but impossible to answer … Continue reading

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The EU: How could it go so wrong?

Personally, I am sick to death of Europhiles telling me that with all its faults, “the EU has at least kept the peace in Europe since the Second World War”.  Absolute nonsense.  The peace in Europe has been maintained by the … Continue reading

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Business for Britain: How should we respond?

A new organisation, Business for Britain, has been launched to make the case for looser ties between the UK and the EU.  It claims to have the backing of 500 business leaders, many of them very familiar names indeed.  It is … Continue reading

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Celebrating St George

This royal throne of kings, this scepter’d isle, This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars, This other Eden, demi-paradise, This fortress built by Nature for herself Against infection and the hand of war, This happy breed of men, this … Continue reading

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Let’s get real about fracking

UKIP is opposed to a number of things.  We’re against Britain’s EU membership.  We’re against wind farms.  We’re against open-door immigration.  We’re against HS2. The problem is that some people — including, sadly, some UKIP members — conclude that we’re … Continue reading

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Making cigarettes more dangerous (and getting more kids to smoke)

We shall soon be voting on the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive Two (TPD2).  The effect will be to create a field-day for counterfeiters; make fake cigarettes easier to manufacture and supply; and increase the market for fakes, which will have … Continue reading

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