A Guess – Which is Which?

Guess which one is the President of the EU, and which one is playing the fool in the ballet?



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12 Responses to A Guess – Which is Which?

  1. maureen gannon says:

    Well they botrh play the fool , one acts the other is for real.

  2. Mike Stallard says:

    Actually this man wields enough power to do almost anything he likes.

  3. Will says:

    I’m guessing the second is the real one, and has just caught sight of the latest dictat Brussels are going to foist onto our hapless nation. Which rather makes us the fools doesn’t it?

  4. Linda Hudson says:

    I think the one acting IS the real one, the one clothed as a politician has not Herman Rumpies eyes!

  5. Linda Hudson says:

    On second thoughts, neither is the real thing, he could be a lookalike, God forbid that we have a clone!

    • Will says:

      The reason we are so confused about this, is that in the context of the EU, it has been some time since the lunatics took over the asylum!

  6. Jane Davies says:

    A really tough question Roger….I’m guessing the top one is the real President, he has a face I could, at a stretch, trust. The other guy, not so much…he has a face only a Mother could love!

  7. Jane Davies says:

    Roger, you are so naughty!….. But I love your sense of humour!

  8. Patryk says:

    So Mr Helmer what is Ukip’s stance on the welfare reform, particularly the spare bedroom subsidy! You seemed to praise it on Twitter while another Ukip MEP criticised it heavily? Are Ukip going to stick to their policy of promising everything to everyone? Are you up for a serious discussion?

    • Will says:

      As a UKIP member, I hope Roger is not against this policy per se, but against the crudely one-size-fits-all policy, which ignores the simple fact that it is not a black and white issue, and that while there are clearly people who should not be in the properties they occupy, there are a plethora of good reasons why many people should.

      The way this policy has been implemented demonstrates two things: 1) The extent to which this government is out of touch with the realities of life for many of the country’s poorer people, and 2) That the government prefer the path of least resistance over more difficult but just routes, to address fundamental problems

      • Patryk says:

        Will – fair enough and I take your points. Do Ukip have a policy on welfare? They never seem to mention it… Don’t want to annoy potential voters?

      • Will says:

        Hi Patryk.

        Ukip have policies on every aspect of government. If you visit this link http://www.ukip.org/media/pdf/UKIPwelfare.pdf you will find their 2010 Welfare policy document, and I don’t think there is anything to annoy potential voters! In common with so much UKIP offers, much is liberally sprinkled with the common sense the Liberals, Conservatives, and Labour tend to ignore. I find UKIP concern themselves rightly with what the majority think and feel in 21st century Britain, which is the essence of democracy is it not? Anyway, enjoy the read!

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