An Open letter to Tim Yeo MP


Dear Tim,

I was delighted, not to say surprised, by your change of heart on man-made climate change, after all your years of campaigning for green orthodoxy.  You have announced that climate change (what little there is of it) is not necessarily anthropogenic.  I have been saying that for years, and it is gratifying that the message seems to be getting through.

You say “Although I think the evidence that climate is changing is now overwhelming, the causes are not absolutely clear.  There could be natural causes, natural phases, that are taking place”.  I’m not sure that this is quite so clear and cogent as the line I have been using for years: “The small changes in mean global temperatures we have seen in the last 100 years are entirely consistent with well-understood, long-term, natural climate cycles”, but you have the right idea.

What we are seeing now is best interpreted as a slow, gentle recovery from the Little Ice Age in the 17th & 18th Centuries.  We had the Minoan Optimum, the Roman Optimum, and the Mediæval Warm Period, and we now seem to be moving into a new 21st Century Optimum.  And it’s called an “Optimum” for a reason, Tim.  Human societies tend to prosper in warmer conditions.

But Tim, you can’t leave the story there, with your teasing hint of a change of heart.  Where do we go from here?  Can you carry your Climate Change Committee, and your Coalition government, with you?  What will Ed Davey say?  How do your rate the probabilities of man-made versus natural?  How far should the government be discounting its renewables subsidies and emissions targets, given your new-found doubts about the underlying reasons for climate change and climate mitigation?

Will you now resign from the lucrative positions which you reportedly hold in “green” businesses, if their raison d’être is in doubt?  Will you apologise to taxpayers and electricity users on behalf of yourself and your committee for the eye-watering amount of money which you will have wasted, if anthropogenic emissions of CO2 are not to blame?  Are you just flashing some ankle?  Or will you now call on the government to reverse its disastrous energy policies which are driving industries, jobs and investments off-shore, and forcing households and pensioners into fuel poverty?

I only ask because I want to know.  Best regards.   Roger Helmer MEP

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18 Responses to An Open letter to Tim Yeo MP

  1. ex Expat Colin says:

    Nice try. The last bit about an apology to us all. I think that should be much more severe than that…like payback. My experience has been that if you mess up…you pay dearly. That might halt the rush to the trough ?

    Alas, it won’t work like that….for any of us elsewhere in responsible positions it largely does though.

  2. PJ says:

    This will be interesting Roger, interesting indeed!

  3. Me_Again says:

    I’m puzzled Roger. Your imputation is that we are still warming.The average winter temp for the centre of England has dropped by 1.45c since 2000. That drop in climatology circles is dramatic is it not? I have no idea if there are other country’s weather stations noting a similar winter decline. I recall the last ‘hot’ summer [North Lincolnshire] as being 2003 -again I may be wrong but I have certainly taken more note of ‘weather’ over the last decade or so.

    I had thought that the arguments put forward regarding solar minimums meant that another one was approaching or here, meaning that we are in a cooling phase.

    • On a long-term time scale (100 yrs) you could say we were in a warming phase. Over the last 17 yrs, clearly not.

      • tallbloke says:

        You could say we *may* still be in a warming phase. But it’s just as likely we’ve recently crested the peak and are headed for cooler times. The current position of the climate establishment is to talk of a pause, or hiatus in warming. This is just rhetorical device. No-one knows for sure what will happen next. I predict global average saminess for some time to come, followed by a gentle decline in temperatures.
        Here’s an image of the model components and the output I’ve come up with:

      • Me_Again says:

        Without spending monumental amounts of time researching I have no idea whether the descent into an ice age is a precipitous event or a slow decline. Either way in geological timescales it will be more than one life span I expect.

      • Me_Again says:

        You may be correct Roger. People forget that the long cycle is thousands of years. We have been warming since the last ice age -obviously. What remains unpredictable is when the next one will occur [won’t affect us] because before it hits we will begin a cooling cycle of some thousand years or so. We should measure a cycle by start and finish [regardless of length not from halfway through one or at a point which which suits our postulation.

        Where I sit now was between 1 and 2 miles thick in ice a mere 7000 years ago and 99.9% of the warming that has occurred since, took place long before the industrial revolution. We forget how small and irrelevant we are at times.

        I wish we could wind the clock back to when environmentally concerned folks were wanting rivers clean and oceans free of oil, when putting sulphur traps on chimneys was expensive but neighbourly.

  4. Kevin Algar says:

    Reblogged this on A Riverside View and commented:
    of course, saying it might not be man made is not the same as saying it isn’t.

  5. Bellevue says:

    Do please let us know if you get a reply!
    I wont be holding my breath, ha ha……

  6. Mike Spilligan says:

    We’ve had lots of weasel words from this man recently and I’d say that he’s lining himself up to change sides if the imperative happens – and then he’ll tell us that he’s had that view all along.

  7. bodge says:

    The utterly bizzare nature of the “concerned for the climate” types is no less bizzare than the “concerned for the mental health of the nation types” because they both take what is natural and long term consistent and turn it into a terrifying beaurocratic machine that exists merely to financially punish everyone for something that may or may not be anyones fault and there are “experts” at every turn ready to take a popular vote (between themselves and in secret) and create a NEW way to tax the people. Whatever it is they do, they take something natural and turn it into “someones fault” and therefore everyone must pay and a very few will profit (hugely). The criminality will take years (if indeed ever) to truly be known and as always no one will have to pay a penny of the billions back that were literally stolen and given to the small number of “climate experts”.

    • If the Telegraph mis-quoted him, then its report could be seen as damaging to his position. Will he sue? But he seems to have bigger things to deny just at the moment. I look forward to the cautionary tale of Mr. Yeo and the parliamentary standards committee.

  8. nospin says:


    that tax is necessary to keep their gravy train full, stopping it would hjave a double bonus. A) we won’t have to pay it and B) as the gravy7 train runs dry these greedy so and so’s will have to get a proper job.

  9. cosmic says:

    Nice try, but I suspect like trying to shoot a rhinoceros with a pellet gun. It’ll bounce off and the rhino won’t notice.

    Let’s face it there are very obvious conflicts of interest here and if the man had any shame he wouldn’t be in the position he is.

  10. Mike Stallard says:

    Roger – I am so pleased that your website is at last attracting some traffic. You are obviously clued up and well read on this subject and it is really nice to see that you are beginning to be taken seriously.

  11. MrPaulBot says:

    i wish we had only one politician of that kind like Mr Farage or Mr Helmer here in germany. here in our bundestag we have only a lot of boring idiots.

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