Turning our backs


I always have the greatest respect for the observations of our greatest living statesman (and National Treasure) Tony Blair, so I was struck by his comments on the prospect of an EU referendum.  He said (more or less and so far as I can remember) that an EU referendum would be “a distraction”.  It would be madness “to turn our backs on our major trading partners”.  Some other nameless europhile in the same paper used similar words.  We should not “cut ourselves off” from our continental markets.

Personally, I have never met anyone who thought we should “turn our backs” or “cut ourselves off” from overseas markets.  Have you?  No.  I thought not.  There is a caricature of eurosceptics who want to blow up the Channel Tunnel and build a wall around the UK to exclude foreigners, garlic and French onion sellers.  But I’ve never met one.  They don’t exist, except in the overheated imaginations of Guardian correspondents and signed-up euro-luvvies.

This is the latest version of the well-worn catch-phrase “isolated and marginalised” — and has as little basis in reality.  Unable to argue against a genuine eurosceptic position, they invent this straw man with the sole purpose of knocking it down.  Well thanks, guys, but I think we’ve seen through it.

The fact is that in recent years German exports outside the EU have grown faster than German exports inside the EU.  Imports to the EU from non-EU countries have grown faster than continental imports from the UK.  There is no trade data evidence that membership of the EU enhances trade — indeed exactly the reverse.

So for the record: UKIP does not propose to cut anyone off, nor to turn our backs (no other party is so up-front and forward-facing). We are the internationalists (not the Little Europeans). We see Britain as a great global trading nation. Of course we want trade with Europe, but we recognise that the EU is in long-term relative decline, and that the future of trade lies elsewhere. Commonwealth GDP recently overtook Eurozone GDP.  UKIP wants trade, and friendship, and cooperation with our Continental neighbours (and with all countries of good-will).  But we also believe in freedom, independence and democracy, and we don’t want to be governed by unaccountable, unelected and inaccessible foreign institutions in Brussels.

Outside the EU, we should certainly have a Free Trade Deal with Europe (and we should not be subject to “regulation by fax”, any more than Canada or China are).  It is overwhelmingly in the EU’s interests as well as ours.  Leaving the EU will not damage our trade with Europe, but if we play our cards right it will enhance our trade elsewhere.  It will save the UK economy many billions of pounds every year.  And it will leave the British people in charge of their own government, their own laws and their own destiny.


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13 Responses to Turning our backs

  1. grumpydenier says:

    I suspect he still has visions of becoming President of the UK and maybe President of the EU (or both, simultaneously).
    In his own mind he probably thinks that both positions are his by divine right.

    • DougS says:

      Must have come as a terrible shock to poor old Tone when Herman van Rumpy Pumpy Pumpy got the job.

      Especially as Tone thought that he’d bought and paid for it by giving up a big chunk of our (hard won by Margaret Thatcher) rebate!

      • grumpydenier says:

        Oh how they must have chuckled over their Tarte Tatins after he’d come back to London waving his piece of paper.

        Even they couldn’t stand the sight of him, it seems. Still, he’s making more in his current part-time job, so I doubt he’s bothered.

  2. B Hough says:

    Well explained in laymans terms Roger.
    Thanks Roger for putting the argument in laymans terms.
    One of the greatest problems is bias by the media, I watched a news report the other day when a pro
    europe person was interviewed, I waited to see what the anti had to say and there was no such person! We should realise that people like Tony Blair have vested interests in us staying in close ties with Europe, their whole financial future depends on it
    In fact I am getting so sceptical that I think all Europhiles are protecting their own future, not many patriots among them, especially the lib dems.
    I would like to see figures showing our exports to the EU compared to our imports, especially Germany and France, not just materials but in construction and technology, ie. nuclear power, wind power generators, re-cycling etc.
    We must be one great big cashcow to them, the far east must be a massive exporter to Europe, since when have they been in the EU?
    This is the Federal Europe that hitler made a speech about in 1941, soon to be the German Empire? !!

  3. DougS says:

    “…little Europeans..”

    I really like the sound of that – I think you’re on to winner there Roger.

    I certainly intend to use it every time the ‘little Englander’ slur is thrown into the debate!

  4. PJ says:

    “our greatest living statesman (and National Treasure) Tony Blair,”-priceless as always Roger. Just one request though-can we have his monument sculpted in ice and then we can all pray for hot, sunny days – and he’ll be gone forever 🙂

  5. Mike Spilligan says:

    Part of the problem is (whoever reported this) that the MSM should have used it as an opportunity to lampoon Blair and his-coEurophile, rather than recording it as a statement of fact; but perhaps that particular section of the MSM is – very likely, anyway – Europhile too.

  6. ex Expat Colin says:

    Sorry to hear Tony Baker UKIP Councillor (Kidderminster) died yesterday and suddenly. He lived about 200yds from me. That was our first breakthrough and away from the 3 cheeks of the same a*se at last. Thats two hits on UKIP here, the other was Stourport a couple of miles away. Just hope a re-run election can restore UKIP here ?

  7. Jane Davies says:

    National Treasure? In his eyes only, lets hope he is carted off to a desert island and buried…and please someone lose the map!

  8. David says:

    A classic opening line Roger,, and I agree with all the rest of your wise message,

    The use of the the phrase “Little Europeans” will grow massively, so that,s another top mark to you.

    There are many Little Europeans making false claims about our exports to Lil ole europe, by including figures of goods we ship to a little European port which then leaves that port for places outside the Little ole eussr, so distorting the figures so loved by the Tiny Europeans in the liblabcon single party..

    Keep up the good work


  9. Mike Stallard says:

    It is fascinating being in Australia far away from Europe. Oddly enough all the same things are talked about. The difference is that Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard have the power to act. So climate change is discussed, as is the (tiny) deficit. But it is all serious discussion. The decision has not been made beforehand in Brussels.
    Look, if Australia ( and New Zealand for heaven’s sake) can “go it alone” and be richer than we are at the moment, why cannot the British?
    Queenslanders are exporting their beef to (Halal) Indonesia, and Australia is providing the Chinese with a lot of iron ore. Nobody is telling them how to do it. Illegal immigration? The PM visits Papua New Guinea and makes an arrangement.
    Aren’t you envious?

  10. Anne says:

    We have a great opportunity to take advantage of the proposed EU opt outs that are to take place in 2014. Under protocol 36 in the EU Treaties, our Government must decide whether or not the UK should continue to be bound by around 130 EU Police and Criminal Justice measures. They can “opt out” of all and then could decide to opt in to some or all. However, I suggest they opt out of all, (Which we should never have been in, in the first place for we have our own constitution), and wait until after the 2015 election and after the promised Referendum in 2017, to see if the people want to remain in the EU?

  11. Jane Davies says:

    If the British people have to wait until 2017 to vote £600 BILLION of taxpayers hard earned will go into the Brussels coffers between now and then!

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