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Greenies despair!

Peak Oil was a false summit If you’ve done any hill walking, you’ll know the problem.  You walk up towards the peak in front of you, expecting to find a panoramic 360O view of the terrain, only to find a … Continue reading

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Shock report: Some kids are brighter than others

A new report from Professor Robert Plomin at King’s College London Institute of Psychiatry, based on studies of 11,000+ pairs of twins, shows that genetic inheritance — that is, innate intelligence — accounts for nearly 60% of differences in academic performance, … Continue reading

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North Korea: a good place to invest?

The Kaesong Industrial Complex is an enclave in North Korea, close to the border with the South and the DMZ, where it was agreed that South Korean companies could invest and employ North Korean workers, taking advantage of low labour … Continue reading

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Pay-Day Loan? Ask the Vicar!

The Archbishop of Canterbury has declared war on pay-day loan company Wonga.  But in a move that should delight the hearts of those who believe in free markets, he proposes to attack them not with calls for regulation, or abuse, … Continue reading

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Foreign Aid, Moral Dilemma

Feed the people, or starve the régime?   On a recent visit to North Korea, I visited an EU project — a seed processing plant.  Frankly I wondered why it was worth a two-hour journey on bad roads, dodging potholes, … Continue reading

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Malala Yousafzai: a leader in the making

The world was shocked last year when Pakistani teenager and education campaigner Malala Yousafzai was shot by the Taliban, apparently furious with her for campaigning for education for girls. I was away from the UK when Malala made her recent … Continue reading

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North Korea: The land of Cognitive Dissonance

The White Queen in “Alice Through the Looking Glass” boasted that she could believe six impossible things before breakfast. This would be an amazingly useful skill in North Korea — though its repressive régime is more Kafka than Carroll. I have … Continue reading

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Well done Brussels. Castro would be proud of you.

Recently in Straz we had a presentation from Guillermo Fariñas, a Cuban political dissident and civil rights activist who won the European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize in 2010.  A remarkable man, he once served with the Cuban Army and received military training in … Continue reading

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Debt forgiveness and the €uro

  Katie Price – no, sorry, that’s a Freudian slip – I mean Vicky Price, estranged wife of climate criminal Chris Huhne, has come up with her economist’s take on the €uro crisis.  She says that the Eurozone’s indebted economies … Continue reading

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Rebutting the Warmists

I frequently get little challenges cropping up on Twitter, with Warmists posing what they obviously think are “killer questions”.  Frankly, I’ve largely given up responding, because (A) Warmism is a religion based on blind faith, and no amount of rational … Continue reading

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“A spurious air of democratic legitimacy”

I rarely agree to be “rapporteur” in the European Parliament, because any report I draft will be so mangled by amendments in Committee that I should be ashamed to see my name on it.  However, a few weeks ago the … Continue reading

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