Well done Brussels. Castro would be proud of you.

Guillermo Fariñas on hunger strike.

Guillermo Fariñas on hunger strike.

Recently in Straz we had a presentation from Guillermo Fariñas, a Cuban political dissident and civil rights activist who won the European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize in 2010.  A remarkable man, he once served with the Cuban Army and received military training in Russia.  In 1993 he was elected General Secretary of the Cuban Healthcare Workers’ Union, but was so disillusioned by the corruption he saw, that he became a whistle-blower.  Since then he has suffered imprisonment and persecution.  He has been on hunger strike many times to protest against the Cuban régime.  Altogether a remarkable man.

We were struck by a particular feature of the Cuban régime which he mentioned.  Cuban young people may attend university in Cuba only if they are deemed loyal to the régime.  Youngsters who have the courage to express dissent are explicitly excluded, with the likelihood of permanent damage to their career prospects.

Nothing like that could happen in Europe, could it?  Strangely, the next item on our group meeting agenda was the report from the “Council of Presidents” (don’t ask!).  The parliament has taken a decision to host a “Young Europeans” Conference event, in the parliament, on May 9th next year.  This is jokingly known as “Europe Day”.  Purely by coincidence, it also happens to be just thirteen days before the scheduled date of the 2014 euro-elections (at least in the UK – the rest of Europe a couple of days later).

The cost of this exercise is expected to be €7 million – funded, of course, by the European tax-payer.  You and me, that is.

You may think it is bad enough for the EU to be conducting what is clearly a propaganda event, on tax-payers’ money, less than a fortnight ahead of the euro-elections.  But there is an added piquancy here.  The event is strictly limited to delegates who support the “European ideal” (“European ideal”? That’ll be debt, tax, unemployment, poverty, hunger and despair, then?).  Members of Young Independence, or the Freedom Association , or the Young Britons Foundation will not be welcome at this €uro-bun-fest.

Now I accept of course that a short conference in Strasbourg is not quite the same as a university education.  But the principle is the same.  Publicly funded facilities for young people are limited to those who support the régime.  Well done Brussels.  Fidel will be cheered up no end.

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10 Responses to Well done Brussels. Castro would be proud of you.

  1. Eric Worrall says:

    The EU is edging ever closer to naked totalitarianism. Might be a good time to encourage your grandkids to emigrate Roger. Australia is a warm, still relatively safe country – and despite a few nods towards totalitarianism, is so far relatively free.

    • Andrew Shakespeare says:

      My wife is American, so our children are entitled to US nationality also. We have made sure that each one’s birth is registered twice — once at the registry office, and again at the US embassy, and that each has an American passport. We operate on the assumption that they’ll be leaving when they reach adulthood, whether for political or economic reasons, I see little future for them in the EU.

    • Andrew Shakespeare says:

      To be fair, I really can’t imagine why Young Independence would want to attend. I can think of a hundred activities I’d much prefer than a whole weekend of “Europe is great, and it has no prophet but Rumpy Pumpy,” up to and including watching paint dry.

      • David says:

        Agree, “Id rather eat my own earwax”, (R Mayall, The Young Ones, circa 1983,

      • I’ve attended a couple of EU “Agoras” (bun-fests for the luvvies), and I have to admit to a certain perverse delight in telling them a few home truths. Sometimes hostility can feel like an achievement.

    • David says:

      Hi Eric, Yes do be careful out there with who runs your country, as I can see your in a” Ruddy” mess again.

  2. Simply more evidence of the anti democratic nature of an EUtopian nightmare unfolding

  3. David says:

    We all know they do not like tolerate or recognize any opposition to their dreams, or nightmares to the rest of us Roger.

  4. borderside says:

    When , oh when , will our political leaders have the balls to say enough is enough and take this country of OURS out of the corrupt club that is the EU ? I think we all know the answer is ” don’t hold your breath !”

    Borderside .

  5. Ian Hills says:

    Why is it that Cameron’s semi-ban on Internet porn reminds me of the EU’s planned “Media Councils”, for censoring press and blog articles deemed offensive to European values? And does Lord Leveson, whose report recommends censorship of the Internet as well as the press, have a direct line to Brussels? Perhaps like Cameron he just uses Common Purpose/Hacked Off/Media Standards Trust functionaries as intermediaries.

    Will those Young Europeans join in the fun by burning un-European books? Hard to imagine EU fuhrers like Barroso or van Rompuy whipping them into a frenzy of hate and destruction, although Schultz might be able to – doesn’t he look the image of great-uncle Heinrich?

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