“Not if you’re UKIP!”

With Barry Mahoney outside the Dolphin Inn in Middleton Cheney

With Barry Mahoney outside the Dolphin Inn in Middleton Cheney

Today, Saturday August 10th, I was out canvassing with Barry Mahoney in Middleton Cheney, Northants, where Barry is standing as UKIP candidate in the September 5th County Council by-election.  Overall we received a very encouraging reception.  But there’s always the exception that proves the rule.

Approaching one gate, I saw a garden where a couple of people were sitting outside enjoying the morning sun.  Close by the gate was a man of about my age, so I greeted him cheerily: “Good Morning!  May I have a few words with you?”.  Eyeing my UKIP rosette, he replied: “Not if you’re UKIP!”

Despite this unpromising start, I managed to engage him in conversation.  Bizarrely, he seemed to appreciate a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to speak face-to-face with his MEP.  And before long he was telling me his views on European questions.

“There’s no information.  There’s never anything in the press about Europe”.  (This is not entirely true, though it’s a complaint I often hear).  “I have no idea what MEPs do”.   I explained that I do a monthly electronic newsletter from Strasbourg — not heavy euro-speak, but a colloquial account of things I think may interest constituents.  Before I left, he gave me his e-mail and agreed I could add him to the list.  (Any reader is welcome to do the same, by the way — just e-mail “Newsletter” to roger.helmer@europarl.europa.eu).

He thought we’d joined a common market, a free trade area (I wish I had a Pound for every time I hear that proposition from a constituent).  He was terrified of the EU metastasising into a political union.   He was sick to death of Brussels diktats (his word) over which he felt we had no control.

Then he turned to the economy.  It was in a terrible state.  Successive governments had allowed mass immigration, so why were we surprised that there were housing shortages and pressures on schools and hospitals?

I listened in amazement to this man who said he didn’t want to talk to UKIP.  I told him that he’d written about half of our manifesto; that we thought exactly as he did.  I didn’t actually take a membership subscription cheque from him, but I think he will have a very different view of the Party in future.

The very next house I met the householder setting off for the shops.  I said “I’m canvassing on behalf of our UKIP candidate Barry Mahoney”, and noticing Barry over the road I added “There he is”.  “I’ll be voting for him”, said the constituent.  “In fact I think all of us around here will be.  We’re sick of the current lot”.  I just wish I had a film of the moment.  But if I did, everyone would say it was too good to be true, and must be a set-up.


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13 Responses to “Not if you’re UKIP!”

  1. Richard111 says:

    ” He was terrified of the EU metastasising into a political union. “
    With our birth, death and marriage certificates to be officially stamped with the EU flag?
    Too late!
    Look at the economics. The EU wants our money and our land as a dumping ground for all their trouble makers. But being as this is the only country in the world that provides multi-million pound mansions as housing for illegal immigrants, I do not have much hope as I only have one vote.

  2. ex - Expat Colin says:

    The recent local elections surprised me because we gained 2 UKIP councilors for Worcestershire and lost them to a sudden death and an unexpected problem. Back to Tories on re-run and (by the look of it) due to a very poor turnout as compared to the higher very poor turnout that got UKIP elected initially.

    I voted for a Common Market having enjoyed 10 years of a pleasant life in both Holland and Germany. It all looked very prosperous indeed. I would never of imagined a centre control of European countries and impacting severely on our own. However, on return(s) to UK from Europe and the Middle East I was always certain that UK in many respects was a continuing lost cause. Thats putting it mildly.

    Nigel Farage is right on the issues that confront us and I would have thought that common sense might (would eventually) prevail. I believed that about local issues but I was wrong. People appear to be very lazy as regards voting yet experience the contemptuous manner in which they are governed. I’ll not go into the veritable storm of poor policies that affect us because they are well known and echoed by UKIP.

    UKIP probably suffers from a lack of public confidence as regarding experience in government but those we have experienced since the Thatcher days clearly are poor to say the least, bar a handful of older MPS that don’t need to be named here.

    It was reported (DM) that Nigel Farage would depart politics if the EU (get out) vote failed? I hope not because UKIP is UKs only chance to recover from what Hitler would have dearly wished for.

  3. Mike Stallard says:

    I shall certainly, I trust, vote UKIP in the European elections as I always do.
    Here are two challenges which you might like to consider:
    1. London is the powerhouse of England, Scotland and the rest. Daily it grows more and more powerful. Daily it changes its views on morality, economics, civilized behaviour. It is getting more and more out of touch with us provincials. UKIP represents us provincials. It is not represented in London which is why UKIP is seen as racist, anti gay, anti progress, stupid and barbaric by Londoners who control every possible media outlet, education, universities, the Police, local councils…
    2. I am now 74 years old. That is why other people who have retired (most a lot younger!) appeal to my way of thinking. We are the wise old heads who have been around a long time. Younger people have very different ideas to us. UKIP does represent us oldsters. That is why we are seen as racist, anti gay, out of touch and irrelevant to the sex’n’drugs’n’rock’n’roll society which most 50 years olds inhabit (particularly the feminists on Radio 4). I mean, do you exist without your iPhone?
    NB I am saying this to help, not to be obstructive! I am passionate about leaving Europe!

  4. wonkotsane says:

    I was collecting signatures to call a parish by-election recently (which we won by a decent margin despite the Labour candidate being a sitting borough councillor) and every house I went to they said “if it gets rid of Labour I’ll sign anything”.

  5. dennis bache says:

    UKIP is now the only way forward for a free Britain. We must grasp this chance before it’s taken away from us, or would you prefer a lifetime of ConLibLabs same old, same old.

  6. PJ says:

    As you are well aware Roger I have always been a non political person but people are starting to wake up in the aftermath of the B-liar years which tortured this country to the point of extinction. People are only now beginning to see what B-liars immigration changes are doing to this country, only just seeing the abject poverty we all face if we continue to bow & scrape to Brussels and worse still, people are onlyt just realising that Hitler only had one ball whereas Camoron hasn’t any! If he had, he would have told his Bilderberg chums to p*** off and we would have had our much needed referendum by now! We certainly don’t need the EU but they certainly need our wealth-why else do they think they can fine us for every single infringement they can dream up!
    It’s a long road to success, but I do believe that UKIP have started on that road and in the right place-on the doorstep!
    The biggest obstacle to overcome is the generational voting pattern where up & coming voters simply vote the way their parents did “back in the day”. They are the key to future elections and future successes! Here endeth the lesson-sorry!

  7. I’d struggle to support a party that had the likes of Jon Gaunt running for parliament in the next general election

    • ex - Expat Colin says:

      There is a wiki page that ends: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jon_Gaunt

      Although a recently joined member it is understood that Gaunt is to be parachuted in as the lead candidate in the EU Elections to be UKIP’s candidate in the West Midlands.

      That and particularly talkSPORT is a worry because I live in the W. Mids and at one time talkSPORT was interesting (at night). A prime presenter had died (Mike Dickin) and like most UK Radio and TV has latterly over time turned into VI rats…

      I am struggling also with this. Not the bongo-bongo though, simply because its true and Gov should come clean on it..is that transparent or something going forward ?

  8. ogga1 says:

    Good copy as usual Roger, will see you tomorrow night 12/8/2013 with a bit of luck.

  9. Stefan Robey says:

    Dear Sir,
    Concerning mass immigration, why do you not point out the total hypocrisy of the greens and the liberal left. These hypocrites endlessly espouse the benefits of mass immigration, while at the same time purporting to care about the environment. Is it not true that in their own words “human beings are the cause of all the current environmental problems”?
    How then is it possible that more human beings are a benefit to us?
    It seems that these political idealists, who arrogantly purport to hold the moral high ground, do not actually have a clue. They are very dangerous people, indeed they despise the working classes of our country, and try to curtail free speech at all times, in a disgraceful attempt to cloud their contradictory opinions. The left should be exposed at every opportunity, and not allowed to get away with their patroning and somewhat abusive rhetoric. It is time to expose their offensive dogma, and allow truth, and honest debate.
    There are so many contradictions and untruths prevailing within modern politics, is it any wonder people are confused?
    Be assured that the UK Independance Party will have my vote this May.
    Yours sincerely,
    Stefan Robey.

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